Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to my blog …. Well here, it is after long deliberation whether to do this or not I finally decided to go  for it and share my random thoughts with you, and express myself on something I really like and enjoy.

I will start off by saying that by no means I see myself as a blogger or have any intention to be one, I leave that to the talented ones, and there are plenty of them out there.

This blog for me is going to be more like a journal from little me, a 38-year old mum in awe of everything that is fashion, from clothes to shoes, from make-up to accessorize, from hairstyles to nails.

This journeys started 20 or so years ago, I recall myself in my younger teen days buying all the fashion mags (well the ones I could afford back then), reading carefully from cover to cover making sure to memorise all the ‘you need to know’ basics of fashion. After that a thorough exercise would start, that of cutting all the amazing designer, red carpet event and high street outfits and placing them neatly in my little booklet, carrying it around while shopping in case I came across one of the outfits, making sure to add my own distinctive touch and make the outfit into my own personal style.

Before being so fashion ‘meticulous’, I remember fondly that my first passion came for make-up, if I remember well since I was a teeny weeny 13-year old trying to look at her best with the few borrowed make-up items my mum used to own! A few years later and my makeup has gone from a small make-up bag to a huge open up drawers aluminum case, from your essential everyday items to various makeup palettes going from day to night to the more glamorous one for those occasional (but rare) daring days!

Today, being a mum to an adorable baby boy I must admit I did struggle to find myself back in the trends of the fashion world today, as I felt I lost my style sense, but I think it was more psychological problem rather than a fashion one, but someone once told me less is more and it is true I learned to adjust my style for the new mum me.

Okay so enough of me for today and let’s get down to business (LOL) and first topic for today is going to be drum roll please… wait for it STATEMENT NECKLACES Let us all be honest here, we all have somehow followed suit in this trend and whether you like it or not at one point I’m sure you said to yourself ‘I have got to have that!!!’

Recently I came across this facebook page called Buttons and Chains …… and I will let you be the judge of these uniqu1385627_256235114524493_602544385_ne items but in my humble opinion, the featured items are pretty much cool, stunning and to top it all affordable.  These necklaces are made out of buttons and chains and are handmade and every necklace has its own singular characteristics.  A big shout-out to Thea Vella the designer behind Buttons & Chains… well done dear.

I just fell in love with them, mostly because they are very original and let us face it we all love to be original don’t we ….. so for me it was the case of ‘I got to have one’ and I did and got me this lovely piece…….



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