So is the LWD the New LBD???

Earlier this week while trailing my shopping bookmarks in search for something to catch my eye, I came across this fab shot of Jessica Alba, wearing an ivory long sleeve box pleat mini dress by Wes Gordon. Effortlessly magnificent, I found myself thinking, hmmmm I love me a little white dress.1395925_10152038606264985_1936673038_n

Season after season, we safely could say that the little black dress is one of the most iconic piece of clothing in fashion history and a definite must-have item for any girl. So if like me you love fashion I’m sure that by now you’ll know or have noticed that white is this season’s hottest block colour …. So I guess it’s sure safe to say that the little white dress is the new LBD.

Once upon a time the colour white was ‘saved’ for THE DAY, well thank God that misconception is gone. Fast forward a few decades and we need no more excuses to don white in plain day; we can be queens for weeks in a row wearing a white dress without the need of the special occasion factor. I’m sure that like me, most of you are going to be hesitant in choosing an all-white look ….. well unless I try matching the white dress with neutral-coloured accessories to create a soft, sophisticated look (hmmm I like this look). For those out there feeling a little bit more confident with white, then head-to-toe ensembles is surely your thang and you can be sure that the vavavomm effect, won’t be missing ….. Please help me admit that we all love that effect. So if either keeping it subtle or going the extra mile, this trend is here to raise some eyebrows!

For those of you out there who I can hear saying “hmmmm a white dress, hard to pull this one” sorry I think that excuse no longer cuts it. Give it a try, know yourself, be brave, and try on that white dress.  Maybe by going for crispier fabrics like linen or cotton instead of silk, and definitely keep accessories on the down low as if you’re not all that confident with the look then you will feel that a lot going on.

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