Tips and tricks #1 | Face care and make-up application

It has only dawned on me the regime I go through twice a day ….. you might be saying that the word regime is a bit too much, but being in the situation I will take the liberty to say so.  This routine has become such a big part of who I am and I imagine that most women (and some men) put themselves through the same thing every single morning and evening for that matter.

I like taking care of myself and I think it’s good to keep it up even when you do not feel like it as the end result will make you feel good 🙂 and we all like feeling good right?

For the past 20 something years I have been quite a good girl in the matter of taking care of my skin.  We all have been through our dreaded teens, wondering if our skin will break to show the whole world that we are growing up (argh!!!!).  Back in those days (and I imagine even nowadays) those years where terrifying for most as it meant getting picked on and if like me you had a very low self-esteem oh dear Lord help me!

The guidance my mum gave me growing up came in handy, starting from the ‘Simple’ face range to the high end Guerlain’s and Givenchy’s.  Personally I like changing the products and over the years, I always tried different brands and trying not to stick to the same product for more than a couple of months as I believe that change is good, helps keep your skin fresh and avoiding that your skin gets used to one type of produce. Recently my products were about to finish and I felt it was time to change to something different and it was really the case of ‘right time, right blog post’ thanks to a blog post of a friend I read about these products ….. and me being me, a curious cat I had to check them out.  The brand is called Anatomicals.  Immediately the first thing I thought was OMG the packing is awesome and “they do manufacture the funkiest toiletries ever” and from reviews read, people seem to be ecstatic about these products.  Cherry on top of the cake ….. they won’t break your bank.   I certainly gave them a go and I must say I’m happy with the change.  Thumbs up also for the customer services at Anatomicals Malta efficient, friendly and the delivery service is excellent and very personalised.

Next in line is applying make-up, and for some, this part is a huge headache but I JUST LOVE applying make-up.  I enjoy experimenting looks on myself and when asked on other people as well.  I like learning new tricks on applying make-up and after a couple of courses taken … I am about to share some tips…. First and foremost …. get to know your face, flaws included.  This simple step is important, as it will guide you in the following steps and the task will become easy peasy.

Start off with applying a good foundation, take the time to find the perfect one for you, do not be scared to try different brands (expensive ones and not) as long as you are happy, in the long run it will be worth while.  Me personally, for the past couple of years I have been a big fan of YSL Perfect Touch  foundation and YSL Poudre Sur Mesure – Semi-Loose Powder (I know I said earlier that changing is good) but I have been searching and trying different brands for quite a long time and while I was always satisfied with the way it looked, I must say that these two together give my face an even look, for me they compliment each other and ultimately I love the end result ….. flawless foundation.

Next in line is contouring and highlighting your face, mastering the tricks to help emphasise your assets or hide your flaws for that matter.  For this instance I have here something to help you ease into the contouring part …. I think it’s really useful and it has been tried and tested (by me of course) and trust me once you get the hand of it you will not go without it!

Another hot item on today’s topic is my latest achievement in mastering the angel wing look.  I have been a fan of that look for a long time but never actually being able to do it either for lack of time or for the simple reason that the smokey eyes have been my fave look and trade mark (lol) since way back when.  Since my son was born, I realised that I just could not spend so many hours in front of the mirror!!!! So I opted to keep my make-up a little bit simpler and started trying out (every minute chance I got) the angel wing.  I hear you say well I don’t have that time …. well fret no more as I have the perfect step by step guide for you to help you achieve the perfect angel wing.  One tip I give is to invest in anything you do not have like the right brushes and product as ultimately they are the key to achieve the look. Go on give these tips a try and I hope from now on you will enjoy applying make-up as much as Ido.

Until next time,


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