Long live the manbag ….

The art of accessorizing has been around for decades.  They are known to transform looks for the good and the bad.  Some say that “less is more,” and others just pile it all on.  From shoes and jewelry to shades and handbags, your choice of accessories can be vital in completing your daily ensemble.  The accessories you choose will reflect the clothes you wear, as it can complete a look if used correctly.

Some accessories are unisex … like for instance bags.  Women may be seen carrying a handbag, and men may be seen carrying a “man bag.” Which prompts the question, “What exactly is a ‘man bag?’” says it is: “A handbag or purse carried by a male, often in the style of a messenger bag or backpack; also called a man purse.  Example: Metrosexuals indulge in man bags.”  Whatever the definition may be, the rise of the man purse for sure it is kicking the briefcase goodbye. Which begs the question, “Has a new trend been launched, or has the “murse” always been overlooked and underrated?”

This new tendency of men sporting purses is down to changing trends. Years ago, I am sure that the average man wouldn’t be caught dead walking down the street with a bag but now it seems to becoming more of an accepted trend.

The sexual debate pops into ones’ mind, but let me put your minds at rest it definitely has no case.  Just think David Beckham, Christiano Ronaldo, Kanye West and Pharell Williams (just to name a few) are all straight, but fashion forward, man-bag carrying men.  So, what’s your excuse?

Honestly guys let’s face it, most of you tote your work documents, laptops, tablets, phones, keys, wallets and MP3 players and none of which fit in your jacket!!!! You need a bag and since this trend has been brewing in amongst stylish male celebrities for one to follow suit, it is a must to be spotted sporting over-the-shoulder “murses” (man purse), hobos or satchels instead of the vintage briefcase/laptop bag.

You may also recall actor Zach Galifianakis from the popular movie “The Hangover”, he put on the man purse, or, better yet, the “satchel” into the spotlight.  When questioned about his own man purse, his famous quote from the comedic film had audiences falling out of their chairs: “It’s where I keep all my things.  Plus, it’s not a purse.  It’s called a satchel.  Indiana Jones wears one.” LOL

According to Euromonitor the “man-bag” have seen sales grow at nearly twice the rate of the overall luxury industry.  The man-bag market in Asia has doubled since 2008, with murses in the Middle East growing by two-thirds over the same period.  Quoting other stats, according to a study carried out by reveals that the sale of ‘man-bags’ or ‘murses’ are on the rise.  In fact, sales have skyrocketed 143% in three months.  Only 20% of men in the UK seem to think there is negative stigma surrounding the man-bag.  I don’t know about you but it seems clear to me that practicality wins hands down.

So I hear as what’s hot and what’s not when carrying a man-bag or choosing one for your better half, Taking a look at what’s available I must say that the most popular man-bags are as follows: Topping the lis is the rucksack which seems to be the favourite amongnst men (Jay-Z for instance is one), followed by the holdall (as seen being held by Kanye West) as well as the messenger bag (carried ever so stylish by David Beckham).

So my lovely readers with Christmas around the corner and if you are still looking for that ‘something different’ kinda gift for your better half … well here’s my take on the vast selection of manbags that is available.  I’m pretty sure if your men is a bit adventurous and doesn’t mind standing out surely you will find something that fits him ….. I surely have my eye on the messenger bag.


In societies where the only respected man-bag would be the ones with a long strap.  Here’s the very versitile bag that usually comes in leather. The style is much like a laptop bag and offers suitable space for day-to-day use.  However not all messenger bags are ideal for suits or smarter dress.


Made famous by Marc Jacobs’ Hermès Birkin, this is the manbag that goes everywhere, including the beach, this bag is large enough to bring anything and everything you may need on a particular day.


For the more adventurous guy, the Folio clutch is a small folder/bag to put the smaller and flatter items in, allowing your pockets to stay thin. Basically a briefcase without a handle.

The Backpack/Rusksack

Preppy, casual and sporty, the backpack is the perfect choice for the active gent, offering him comfortable, handsfree carrying capacity when he’s on the go. His lifestyle needn’t impact his style with this always-in-style backpack.

The Satchel

For the man who enjoys the finer things in life; it doesn’t get much better than the weight of a quality leather satchel in his hand. A truly timeless piece, the satchel style, is a bag that makes a statement about you in the boardroom, and a style statement when at play.

Hope you find something that suits you and your better half and gurls between me and you, I think it’s cool for man to carry a bag.  If anything saves you space in your bag when your man asks you to hold his keys, his smartphone, his tablet, don’t we all cringe at that thought!!!

Until next time



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