Spotlight Series #1 | My fashion icon | Victoria Beckham

She has gone from pop sensation to fashion icon extraordinaire, born Victoria Caroline Adams on 17 April 1974, she rose to fame in the 1990’s with the all female band Spice Girls.  Honestly I cringed at the whole group phenomenon but the minute she started dating, in my humble opinion, THE best soccer player ever David Beckham I must say I started ‘following’ Victoria Beckham aka Posh spice aka I can make anything look good even if it’s a sack!!!!  Mrs. B has come such a long way and has shown that she’s not JUST the wife of David Beckham, but a woman who has come to dominate the fashion industry.  She has earned the title of British fashion royalty and surely one of the best fashion designers at the moment.

I have stated this for a while now and that is that fashion is all about taking risks and Mrs. B knows a thing or two million about that.  She wears feminine pieces and clothes that flatter her body.  I would describe her wardrobe as elegant, sexy, chic, stunning and sophisticated.  Victoria is also obsessed with accessories. You can always bet when you see her that she will have a trendy handbag, fabulous sunglasses, and her famous high heels, totally a “signature” look.  Victoria believes that accessories are a girl’s best friend.  In a few words accessories are “toys” for grown ups.

I particularly love her style because it seems effortless but well put together.  Many may find it quite difficult to understand her style as maybe her fashion choices could be seen as rather over-refined, often to the point of simplicity, regardless, she is one style icon that will remembered for years to come.

I adore her aesthetics, I find Victoria Beckham incredibly stylish. Her classic sense of fashion and effortlessly chic attitude is so fascinating. I haven’t come across a single photograph of her where she has ever looked less than perfect!!

Her first break in the fashion industry came in 2004 when she designed a line of jeans for Rock and Republic.  In July 2006, she launched her own line of sunglasses called dVb eyewear followed her own denim brand line called dVb style.

2007 saw the rise of the ‘Intimately Beckham’ line of perfumes for men and women.  It was only in 2008 that she launched her first collection, consisting only of dresses, for spring/summer 2009.  She introduced handbags to her line for spring/summer 2011, and coats for autumn/winter 2011. Her secondary label, Victoria by Victoria Beckham, was launched for spring/summer 2012.

To date her lines inspires women to be individuals.  She celebrates the individual when it comes to fashion.  Victoria has an intriguing fashion sense that she loves to share with her many fashionable customers and significant celebrity following.  Her designs have been seen being worn by stars like Beyonce, Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Biel, Blake Lively… and the list goes on and on. Among other awards she won throughout the years, she recently won the Special Contribution to British Fashion Award.

I don’t know how she does it!!  Besides all this, she is mum of four .  Definitely a super-mum, in my eyes.  Always looking great, kids always look great too (then again, with a dad like David as well) they’ve surely inherited both their effortless style.  Definitely her equal in the style stakes, David is the best accessory that Victoria could have. Nobody else could pull off a beanie like he does, and he makes a cardigan look manly!! One super stylish family if you ask me.

Victoria believes you should have fun with fashion and use your imagination and that transpires in her clothes.  She says that fashion is an expression of your personality, so, make it count.   Looking good is a job and she makes it look so easy.  She is the essence of glam and a master in the art and technique of looking great every time.

I have quite a few fave outfits from her breathtaking collections and even though my pockets are not deep enough to afford anything from her collections, I hope that the recent rumours I have been hearing will come true.  Rumours has it that Mrs. B will be collaborating with H&M for an all affordable line (honestly I havev my fingers and toes all crossed)

Victoria Beckham is my fave style icon …. who is yours?

Until next time,


Disclaimer : All of the information was gathered through various online sources.  Images Credit – Google Images.

PS I leave you with collages of my fave outfits.

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