Brand Spotlight Series #2 | Anatomicals

If by any chance you missed my post where I talked about these new (well at least for me) and funky face products (and more) you can refresh your memory right here.

I am absolutely in love with these products. The minute I started using them it felt like my skin was lifted and I do love the soft and smooth feeling it leaves me with.

Last week the guys at Anatomicals Malta had some fab offers going on and me being me, I just could not resist not going for one offer and boy oh boy did I get a fab offer.

In fact for €19.99 (instead of €31) I got a body scrub, body lotion, hand cream, lip balm, an all in one aloe vera lip balm and hand cream and mints!!!! Oh and they even threw in a cute ‘we want you for your body’ pin.

I have to say all of the above are just amazing, refreshing and most of all they all come with these hip names that just get stuck in your mind like for instance ‘don’t just clean it women, scrub it’ body scrub …. Fab right, makes you think of the kitchen floor when you get that scrub me day!!! LOL

Thanks Anatomicals Malta, you have changed the way I look at cleanliness …. Boy am I gonna be a faithful customer.

Until next time,


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