Kids and fashion #1 | Styling your little man

When I found out I was pregnant funnily enough deep down I kinda knew I was having a boy and after getting over my initial panic, I was overcome by the anticipation of the challenge of styling my little man. I must admit I was pretty amazed how dramatically the boys’ fashion landscape has changed over the past 5 years. I know, this had become an extremely overused statement but it truly was “Mission Impossible” to satisfy style cravings for the boys’ clothes and shoes.

I refused to settle for “boys colors”, boxy fit and sportswear. In my mind I had a vision of unique and one of a kind, kinda style. I had to know where to find unique, awesome and affordable duds for my little man and how to style the most dapper and hippest outfits without the need to have a celebrity bank account to dress my kid like a star.

Having said that I love trawling through websites looking for what is new and fabulous. I could spend hours flicking and searching. Nowadays, my love for fashion expanded towards children’s fashion too. Designers can take such a broad range of direction when creating garments for children. Their designs are really only limited by their imagination and of course the wear ability for a child. Believe it or not, these days, I find myself getting much more pleasure shopping for my son than myself!!! (A shocker right hehe).

So I hear you asking .. .where do you buy boys clothes …. easy peesy…. The Internet ….. The perfect tool… shopping and researching …. my bestie for sure! It helps me to keep up with the latest kids’ fashions while still being a mom. Being a mom to a toddler is hard work, you know, especially when online shopping!

I have a few guidelines I like to use when thinking about, when styling my kid…. I find myself thinking outside the box and don’t stick to the ‘rules’. I know for a fact that all children pull off many looks from casual to quirky – best way to keep it fresh is to mix it up and have a bit of fun! Classic never goes out of style, ensure you have a few classic pieces in your wardrobe. A double breasted woolen coat is a must have for any winter closet, it is practical and will add a little tailored chic to a basic outfit.

However, while doing all this it is IMPORTANT to make sure the little one is comfortable! There is no point in having the funkiest little monkey at the party if he starts removing items of clothing two minutes after you arrive.

Something else that sure we have to keep in mind is that there is a fine line between making kids look stylish and making him look like a walking advert!!! Kids are not little dolls we get to play dress up. I love seeing Aiden all dress up, sporting some designer pieces but I draw the line when they start looking older than they actually are.

We all (I know I do) want our kids to look the best they can and we go out of our way to make them look stylish, the clothes, the shoes, the accessories and the hair. We tend to portray who we are on our own mini versions but let us let them be kids. We will have time for that as surely when they grow up we know that they will be demanding ‘the brands’.

I have taken the liberty to list a few sites (that I shop from) where one can get their hands on some lovely kids clothes.

Gap, Abercombie Kids, Mango Kids, ZARA Kids, River Island, Moonsoon Kids and F&F Clothing

Until next time,


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