I’m Trending #1 | Mixing and Matching

Mixing prints is all about confidence… If you are looking to try this look the safest way to start is by picking an item with a print you feel comfortable and love but most importantly that looks good on you!

Once that is settled and you are confident in that one print pairing it with another is no big deal. Look at the whole incorporating mixed prints as a great way to freshening up your wardrobe and provide more variety, depth to your looks and surely it will help take your personal style to whole another level – adding more outfit options to your existing wardrobe…without spending more money – now isn’t that exciting.

Surely if like me you love flipping through fashion magazines the editorial featuring print mixing is one of those things that they really make it look intimidating than it actually is but the reality is that pulling off the whole look is quite simple really.

As challenging mixing prints can be, you can never go wrong with stripes and leopard (my personal favorite). The trick with mixing this particular match is to incorporate the leopard print into your shoe or handbag so it’s not overpowering over the stripes. I hear you saying that trying to venture into outfit experimentation can be very intimidating but I come to the rescue and have taken the liberty and complied a few easy tips:

PICK ONE COMMON COLOR: Start at the foundation by choosing a colour for the outfit. Once you’ve decided on that, repeat it throughout the entire look to bring it all together and make it uniformed.

PICK COMPLIMENTARY PATTERNS: the most popular way to mix prints is to marry florals with stripes but if this is too bold for you, start with polka dots and stripes in the same exact colors.

BREAK UP YOUR PRINTS: Contrary to what you see in editorial spreads, you don’t have to wear your “unmatched” prints right next to each other. Having a printed top, followed by a solid neutral bottom, and then printed shoes is an easy way to make the print-mixing work for you without looking like you got dressed while blindfolded.

CHOOSE COLOURS THAT COMPLIMENT EACH OTHER: This will aid in a smooth transition from print to print and allow the colors to pop. Also, having one common color quietly mixed in between the two prints gives the look continuity.

BUT MOST OF ALL BE CONFIDENT: As much as mixing prints, patterns, and color is trendy, hip, and fun! Bare in mind that if you are not ready for print-on-print, work with a solid and print combo and gradually work your way there!

TAKE A PICTURE: Before you head out the door, put a few different outfits together and take pictures of yourself. This is the best way to settle on an outfit you really like, instead of putting something on and having second thoughts later.

Go on and try some combos and enjoy mixing and matching.

Until next time,

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