Meet my new HAND(Y)bag bestie.

So normally I am a very organised person but for some funny reason (not really that funny) my handbags are nothing less then an endless mess. Almost 99.9% of the time I am rummaging in my bag trying to find stuff which is always always at the bottom of the bag!!!! The biggest problem comes when I have to change bag – total nightmare as it takes me like forever to do that …. and imagine doing that in the 5 minutes before you have to go out.

So when a few months ago on a TV programme they were discussing clutter in bags and the lack of it …. my mind was I really need to get my hand on this organiser. Fast forward a couple of months and thanks to a dear friend she got me this handy oragniser as a gift and seriously it’s unbelievable this tiny little thing (actually has 12 pockets and pouches on both sides, deep pockets and zip compartments) making it a whole lot spacious than you would think and holds a zillion things.

Trust me this little thing is my new bestie, I don’t know how my handbags survived all these years …. surely I am well orgranised now and if like me have been struggling I highly recommend you get one.

Until next time,


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