I’m Trending #2 | Polished for Spring!!!!

Polished for Spring!

Artic Nails

This colour reminds me of school days, that bottle of “Tipp-ex” I used to paint on my nails with!!!! I think of white nails are oddly sophisticated and a refreshing colour after the dark winter hues.

Into the Blues

Blue is my least favourite colour however, lately I can’t escape the colour and I can see bright blue nails ahead for this Spring, yes in all its shades of glory ….. From Royal to Electric to even dare I say Periwinkle.

Neon Lights

This is one trend train I have to get on board, mostly since it seems that the neon trend isn’t set to die down any time soon and I find myself being shockingly amazed that really I am on board with the highlighter yellow nails!!!! Maybe not for work though.

Pastels Days

Most people when thinking of Spring immediately associate the season to pastels colours. How inventive eh …. LOL! However, I must admit that I do sometimes go for the lighter shades jazzing them up with some color blocking just to keep things edgy.

Radiant Orchid

I was really skeptical about this colour but now I am totally in love with it especially since Pantone announced it’s the color for 2014 (and who doesn’t want to be trendy, right!!!). It’s the perfect pastel color with the added punch.

I know what colour I’m getting next time I meet my nail technician, have you got yours sorted. Happy nail polishing.

Until next time,


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