Spotlight Series #3 | Interview with Yana of Yana’s Jewellery

Let me ask you a question and be honest when answering, if you had a choice in designing something for yourself, what would be the first words that pop into your mind – I say the words unique, different and personal are the first to pop in my mind (correct me if I’m wrong). What about when shopping, we all love owning that something that is exclusively unique. There is something je ne sais quoi about owning that special item made just for you, and that is you.

So it stands to reason that for this month’s spotlighting I opted to feature and talk about the amazingly talented Yana Azzopardi of Yana’s Jewellery, the person behind the lovely piece I am wearing, distinctively bohemian reminiscent of Indian, gypsy and African style. I was one very lucky gal to have managed to win a voucher for a Like and Share competition on Facebook and when Yana informed me that I had won I was beside myself with joy, as I had been eyeing all of her lovely necklaces, ever since I visited her shop (yea I have become a sucker for statement necklaces – I seem to never get enough of them) I was in love with her work.

Looking up some bio info on Yana I was surprised to learn that originally, she was a social worker by profession. She stopped working full time just a few years back to focus all of her attention towards starting this new venture. I must admit, it is a bit scary but hey when you have talent and passion it is the perfect combination and surely that will take you a long way – and as the saying goes life is to short not to take risks- in Yana’s case it was well worthwhile.

Yana’s venture started in 2010 when she felt an urge to start designing and use her crafty hands to good use and started jewellery design. In 2011, she was asked if she would be interested to display her jewellery in an exhibition at Brick Lane in London. Packing up all her favourite pieces she flew to London to take part. Her stall was very popular gathering many compliments and positive feedback for her unique style and collections and on her return to Malta she decided to make her products available to the public (YAY).

Within a few months, she set up a complete Facebook page and started selling jewellery to her friends and family. Quickly and quite unexpectedly, orders started flooding in as by word of mouth the word spread and Yana found herself setting up stalls in market places and becoming even more popular. A year on an opportunity arose for Yana to set up her first retail store and driven by pure passion and supportive friends and family, she opened the doors to her store in April 2013 and everything else was put on a permanent hold, juggling her full-time job and the shop was proving to be taking a lot of her time until she finally decided to focus everything into the jewellery making.

When asked about any future plans to expand the business, Yana says that she plans to further her techniques in metal and hopefully have her own fashion show. She also hopes to take part in fairs and fashion events abroad.

So you see, a trip to Yana’s Jewellery will surely turn out to be an exceptional experience. The nice thing about Yana’s jewellery besides creating unconventional pieces is that it appeals to all ages. Yana also plays a major role in weddings, customising jewellery for brides, bridesmaids and guests alike. Everything you need in one place and exactly what you need to be original!!!

Surely with wedding and all sort of other occasions coming over the next couple of months and if you are looking for that extra something special to make your outfit …. look no further than Yana’s Jewellery, you will surely make your own piece of statement.

Happy Shopping!!!

Until next time,


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