I’m Trending #3 | The overall is back with a bang …. Yay or Nay?

long-denim-overall-street-style If like me you were born before the 80’s chances are, in recent years, at least one of your favourite fashion trends from your childhood days has made a comeback at some point, just to name a few we all remember the velcro sneakers, the friendship bracelets, the barrettes, and now just in case you didn’t get the memo …. Taa-daahh …the overall yes you read right, no typo, they are back and with a vengeance.  If you a chance to follow the runways you surely might have notice that designers sent a plethora of denim duds down the spring runways, remixed with cool fabrics, colors, and silhouettes.  While the latest versions are significantly more chic than their ’90s predecessors however still remaining true to their tomboyish, ultra-comfortable roots.  So what happens when a ’90′s piece of clothing hit meets the 2014 fashion trends? We end up with the most brilliant reinvention and a fashion creativity boom.

Surely enough, one might feel reluctant about wearing the overall, even more afraid of the ‘school kid’ and ‘farmer look’ innuendos that follow the overall.  Most people do not see the overall as being a key fashionista item for the upcoming relaxed look of S/S twenty fourteen.  But as difficult as it might seem to pull off the whole overall look, in terms of styling, it’s important to make them look as modern and comfortable for you as possible.   Try avoiding flannel shirts, thin-strap tanktops and anything else that could make you look like a 5-year-old or a farmer. Instead, opt for something that works well like chic blouses, crop tops, striped tees and crisp white shirts.

rihanna-denim-overalls-2Being honest, I hated the overalls as a kid, tried and failed in the 90s and I thought there was no way I was gonna go near in owning a pair of overall, not even denim ones.  But after this blog I am keeping an open mind and re-thinking the whole look and will surely be investing in a pair and what do you know, flicking through the various fashion mags, you will immediately notice that the streets are actually packed with great denim overalls and with celebs like Rihanna embracing the look, rely on your inner fashionista subconscious to take the right decisions when styling the overalls.

I think the easiest way to nail the classic denim look is basically to remember that the trend is that of laid back style of boy-meets-girl – not too bad, or try treating it like a dress which is even cooler for instance more layering will add more chicness or that hipster vibe to your outfit. So overalls are a heaven to perfecting your layering. I love the plain white tee look with a statement necklace, a golden watch, a big colored clutch, wayfarer shades and heels. Tip: it looks even better if you roll up your denim trousers, or leave one strap unbuttoned.  For a more sophisticated look add a leather jacket on top or do the urban chic & glam version of hot heels, red nails & lips, baseball cap and loads of bling.

Another way to style the overall is to keep it classy: heels or ballet pumps or flat sandals, a white shirt and blazer on top boots-denim-overall-leather-jacketkinda of a Friday office outfit.  Bottom line is you can spice up the look, tone it down, keep it basic or go over the top – it’s gonna look good either way.  Heels make the overall look urban and hot, sneakers make it laid back and cool, ankle boots give it a rock ‘n’ roll style, gladiator sandals are boho-chic.  Any style you choose you can’t go wrong with Denim Overalls.

One key overall for spring 2014 is the leather overall. The effect is exactly as you might expect: a worker’s garment remade from luxurious fabric turning it into a contradictory and ultra-cool wardrobe staple.  However do select carefully and if you opt for leather, as you want a piece that will stand the test of time, choose quality material and a flattering cut. Softer leather will sit better.  Add beautiful leather accessories that compliment but not compete with the garment. A pair of leather heels or exotic bag will do the trick.

And because I know how difficult it is to find the right pair of overalls, I did the ‘dirty’ work and of course a little bit of treat for myself.  So here it goes …… Happy shopping 🙂

Available at ASOS : Leather Overalls – the leather overall should be styled in a minimal chic way. By keeping the underneath bare (or near to), the leather remains the focus and the statement.


Available at Boohoo : Long Denim Overalls which can be oversized, tight (think structured smart jumpsuit), ’70′s style, with fuller upper part (covering up a great deal of your top for ex.) or more cut-out for you to show off your tank top, bandeau or those tight abs.

Boohoo 2


Available at New Look : Short Denim Overall is the girly cute style that can be treated like a dress: if it’s loose and relaxed and it will look amazing with a tight top, loads of bling and shades. If it’s too tight you might want to balance it with more understated accessories.


Between cute short alls, must haves longer one, cotton options and distressed denim, you’ll surely find a pair of overalls that suits you.

Until next time.


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