What to wear for Work – the do’s and don’ts (Part 3)

So a while back I wrote the first part to the work wear dilemma for women that you can read here75d7a0c7580affad8c7da6dbb8d8e325 and so rightly after said post I was asked to write a blog on men fashion when it comes to work wear and I was intrigued by the whole idea. However, little did I know that it was going to be a little harder than I thought to come up with this post. Nevertheless, I was not going to refuse this challenge and let me start off by saying that by no means I am an expert on the matter just sharing my personal thoughts and take on the matter.

So let’s start from the obvious, most offices expect business attire, so now that, that is out of the way it doesn’t necessarily mean to wear a black, navy, or grey suit on a dialy basis. Men may have the choice of a suit in any conservative color, or alternatively a way to jazz up the the whole traditional suit, is by wearing pants and a co-ordinating blazer as well. It is also always important to wear a shirt and tie, which always, makes an outfit.

There are firms that accept business casual attire, which is a tad cooler than the conservative suit, but be aware to avoid adopting your own personal style a little bit too much which can lean you towards a more casual attire other than business attire. Surely you don’t want your choices in clothes to make you stand out in a negative way.

I know I don’t really need to say this but I will just in case, do avoid at all cost sweat pants, sneakers, t-shirts, ripped jeans, flip flops and cheap looking suits. Instead, stick to clean, pressed pants and button down shirts, v-neck sweaters and comfy shoes.

work_wear_65b1823f-c42e-4b87-8a95-897c62837f3fSome few companies allow jeans and its usually it’s on Friday what is more commonly called as casual Fridays however do remember, that casual Friday is not equal to slobby Fridays. If you opt for a pair of good jeans they should be straight-legged, dark, and absent from any “wear lines” or other markings.

Another thing you have to always remember to stay polished and professional in the office, it’s also best to avoid wearing any stronge scented cologne, unless your office is situated in Paris! (LOL).

I know for a fact that facial hair, is generally discouraged in the office, but if you insist on a stash or a beard, make sure they are neatly trimmed, and make you distinguished.

I have taken the liberty to outline some guidelines to get you that little extra polished look:

collarshirtInvest in Classics
There are things that every guy should own: a black suit, a crisp, fitted white dress shirt, a great watch, an Oxford or chambray shirt, a pair of suede bucks, loafers and a really good pair of weathered jeans. I can assure that hardly any guy can look bad in these pieces.

656dfdc69d24ee2193edb82761aab8aeInvest in a good pair of shoes
Shoes (yes really shoes – you read right) do make the outfit. Luckily for all you guys out there, men’s style doesn’t go out of fashion that fast as it does for us women. So invest in a good pair of shoes, buying the right pair of shoes could safely last you for a good 10 years.

Tuck in Your Shirt
Don’t wear your shirt out to hide your gut. If you’ve got the gut, just own it. You’re not going to be any worse off with it tucked in. Instead you’ll look more put together. It’s kind of like the comb-over. A comb-over tries to hide the fact that they are bald, and nobody’s going to believe it for a second.

shirt-and-tieWear Clothes that Fit
People tend to think that if they wear bigger, baggier stuff, it will hide their perceived imperfections. The truth is, in a lot of situations, if you wear something that is appropriately cut for your shape, it can actually be more slimming.

When in doubt seek advice
When shopping sometimes the tendency is to go to the guy that looks hippest in the store well you shouldn’t. Instead you should go to the oldest guy in the store, especially if you’re buying a suit because he’s likely the one who knows how things should fit.

036b9c3c2353ea9450eec8b1d22294bcGo simple, go comfortable
Just keep it simple and don’t overthink it. Comfort is absolutely essential. It doesn’t matter how much you spend or how much time you’ve spent putting into it, you have to look comfortable to be comfortable to look good.

Go Easy on Accessories
I personally do like accessories and I think a simple bracelet on the same wrist as a watch can be quite chic. It’s the over-accessorizing that I take issue with so beware not to overdo it. If you are a bit more of a dare-devil scarves are cool and fine in a subtle kind of way.

Take care
When dressing up remember to care that little bit more and when you do rest assured that you’ll end up looking good. Nobody can tell you how to dress. But if you think about it, you’ll look good.

Quality Over Quantity
Regardless of whether you are dressing for a job interview or to go to work, remember that appearances do matter. Prospective (and current) employers may think less of you if you don’t dress appropriately and it’s always important to make the best impression, whether looking for work or hoping for a promotion.

I hope that my intake will make things a little bit better and to help a little bit more I created a pinterest board, so go on check the board here for some inspirational looks!

Until next time,

Disclaimer : Comments on this blog are my personal opinion and not intended towards anybody in particular.

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