Checklist #2 | My top must-haves for Summa Twenty-14

Hey there my lovely followers,

Writing this post came about with a bit of mixed feelings. Admittedly, I am no fan of summer, primarily because I am not as young and cannot enjoy it, to the full, like back in my teen days. The fact that I have a toddler who seems to enjoy the beach does not help either and trust me I am NOT looking forward to the trips by the sea-side (I can already feel my OCD hitting the roof!), but more than likely it is the fact that every year the heat is getting too much for my liking.

But truth be told I do not mind the change of clothes as it is nice to wear lighter, fresher and more fun garments especially with the hot sticky weather that we are blessed with (NOT), which for many is a nice change from winter (even though I am like forever a winter fan).

Therefore, to help me make this transition in a smooth and fashionable way, I have compiled my list for the season must-have items to make the long summer nights a haven of stylish items.

1. The Culotte

The culottes seems to have comfortably found its way onto the streets, which can only mean that their comeback means serious business. Most of the time perceived as a tricky garment with it’s slightly tomboy feel, this halfway-skirt (having enough volume to give the impression of a skirt) stands to prove that it can look incredibly polished and flattering given the chance.


2. The Midi skirt

In my opinion another must-have piece for the summer is the ever so popular midi skirt trend that doesn’t seem to be leaving us anytime soon, so if you can’t beat ’em join ’em …. right? These skirts can be chicly styled up. With so many options on how to style this lady-like look and the fact, that it is available in a multitude of fabrics, colours and styles, finding the perfect midi skirt for you has become easier than ever.


3. The overall

As I have written before here this is a guilty pleasure for yours truly, so it is by no surprise that the overall would be in my must-haves for this summer. Thought to have gone out of fashion since the ’90s, this piece is making a cool comeback. While the modern versions of denim overalls are significantly more stylish than their ’90s predecessors, those one-pieces, still remain faithful to their tomboyish roots and the perfect item to rock both in sneakers, brogues or heels.


4. The denim vest

I firmly believe that the denim vest like the jacket will always be in fashion! They are just like that little black dress, favourite heels and best fitted jeans, that we always find in our wardrobes, helping us out in our ‘don’t know what to wear’ drama days and no matter how many decades pass by they are always the go-to pieces. Celebrities, fashionistas, socialites and personal stylists advocate the presence of at least one denim vest (or jacket) in your closet no matter what the season it is! There are multiple ways to jazz up an outfit with a denim vest, making every outfit ever so stylish from the maxi dress to the midi skirt to the pants … And oh don’t hesitate to try denim on denim after all, it’s all about how you carry yourself, ma’am! In my opinion, denim vests are a necessity for my summer!


5. The slogan tee

10421987_10152254245023167_6428838713086529200_nAdding a slogan tee to your wardrobe is a great way to add that statement touch to your summer nights. Having the vast choice from which once can choose, won’t be difficult to find your perfect tee from loud prints to standout slogans (spoiler alert: Tres En Vogue) to quirky patterns and lots of clashy colours there goes the right way to go about to get the right look. High street brands, like River Island are masters at designing urban-cool everyday wares that when teamed with staples such as denim, Nikey kicks and sunnies are all you need for a cool summer night. I opted to get mine from local designer Marco Parascandolo – ‘KEMM NHOBB’ – who was one of the new designers show-casing his fab collection for Malta Fashion Week this year and happens to have come up with these cool slogan tees …. have you chosen yours yet?


6. The Birken

Birkenstocks and Birkenstock inspired footwear are the latest summer trend to have hit the runways and streets alike and might I add with a bang. Better known as ‘the sandal of the season’ I can now admit that the Birkenstocks have been a well-loved staple for years for many (me included) and we are not about to give up on them!!! The classic Birkenstock sandal is surfacing in many variations – some styles are sleeker and more refined. In addition, it makes the original Birkenstock sandal completely fashionable. It is remarkable that this style of sandal is having its fashionable moment and I am well pleased, but then realised that it makes a lot of sense in the context of the fashion era being more inclusive than ever before. Love it or hate it, there is no middle way for the Birken … I fully support the look …. do you?

Billie Piper wearing Birkenstocksmain_original_585x0
A pair of Birkenstocks

7. The mirrored sunnies

When talking about mirrored sunglasses, then I advise you to invest your money in those shades and bold hues, which fit your style, face, as well as personality. Many stylists say that the vibrant blue colour looks perfect in front of a camera, as blue makes a striking appearance and it for sure stands out in the crowd – if you are looking for that wow factor. However, if you are not sure of the colour, then there are many other options, like metallic gold, pink, yellow and green. Nowadays, there are many price points as you can see here, in the case that you do not want to spend a lot of money, yet I would advise you to invest in a pair from a designer you like, for that long-lasting and great appearance.


8. The bucket bag

Surely, you already have a lady-like, structured handbag in your accessories arsenal, all ready for this season, right? Well, think again as you might have to make way to the roomy carryall summer essential – the bucket bag – the slouchy bag that practically goes-with-everything! Yes, I am sure that the words bucket bag may cause flashbacks to the good old ’90s (along with the overalls, as mentioned above), however this season’s bucket might have to be update with chic detailing, cool metal accents, luxe embellishments, and/or funky colours and prints. Whatever your taste – and budget – there are quite a few options to fill that bucket-bag void in your accessories closet.


So there goes my list for this summer must-haves … hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Until next time,


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