Product Review #1 | Makeup Revolution Palette Romantic Smoked

dscf4154Okay so I have noticed lately that most of the people I follow on Facebook have been buzzing for the new brand on the market that is Makeup Revolution – a new brand brought to us by the founder of MUA. I know, I know, a lot of people have been talking about Makeup Revolution but seriously it’s quite a good brand with ridiculously affordable prices – so why not join the buzz right? In fact the site has been up since March 2014, but by the amount of daily feeds I get on them, it is safe to say that it has gone bigger than life.
dscf4162Intrigued and curious, I randomly browsed the very user friendly site and hey presto my shopping bag was filling up quite fast and so is my current wishlist …. just need to put that wishlist in my next few months budgets!! I am so in love with this brand and what’s not to like when you get prices that start as low as £1 for a lipstick!

When my first order arrived I was beside myself to start trying the items especially one of the two lovely palettes. Infact, today I am going to be reviewing one of the mentioned palettes.

The shimmering six

The matte six

Makeup Revolution’s Romantic Smoked Palette

I must say that this is the palette from Makeup Revolution line that I was the most excited about (and the Iconic 3 – which was out of stock when I placed the order). The palette contains 6 shimmer shadows and 6 mattes, all of which fit into a kind of purple-brown-khaki theme. The quality and pigmentation of these shadows is very nice and I like it a lot even though I would suggest to apply an eye shadow base or primer prior to applying the eye shadows itself. I find that by applying a base or a primer you avoid having your eye shadow fading or creasing as the day goes by. This particular palette can be used for a smokey eye, however there are some day time friendly shades that can be used to create an everyday look too. The eye shadows blend well and are pretty soft!

I have made some swatches for you to see the colour scheme …. aren’t they pretty? I especially love the shimmery khaki green and both of the purples, and I’m really happy that this palette actually contains a couple of matte blending shades. The shimmer shades are really lovely – a few are slightly gritty, but nothing too hard to work with, and the matte shades are, though slightly chalky, very easy to apply and blend. This eye shadow palette is selling at £4 one the website, and seriously, I love it a lot.

The packaging of the palette isn’t the best and reflects the price that you pay however although it doesn’t look expensive it does keep the product protected and is sturdy enough for travel.

Well there goes my first review from my first (of many) Makeup Revolution mini haul. Will try and use the other palette I got in this order – The day to night palette – so I can tell you all about it. Also, the other items I got which include the Focus & Fix Brow Kit, the Bake Bronzer in Ready to Go, the Cream Blusher in Peach Cream and last but not the least the amazing eyeliner in Ultra Black.

That is all for today, hope you enjoyed this review.

Until next time,


Disclaimer : This review is my own personal opinion, I bought all the products myself and I am not affiliated with the company

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