The negative impact of the Fashion industry on our life

I have not been doing this blogging thing for a long time but I always had the impression that blogging was a great tool for self-expression.

I love reading fashion mags and fashion blogs as much as any other girl that loves fashion and I love keeping up to date with what’s happening around me, love seeing what other people are wearing across the globe and to look for inspiration. Fortunately in today’s communication era where the internet is the new form of media it is very easy to be on the know-how of what is happening.

However, many a times all this can work against you and make you feel materially poor and I know for a fact that some women who are fond of today’s widespread fashion feel that fashion is the “pave way to happiness”. So it is easy to say that the existence of fashion distinctively shapes our decisions, likes, or even tastes and it shapes the concept of what is beautiful and what is futile although it must be said that pleasures should be approached relatively.

1731634636However, while a large proportion of benefits that stem from a great deal of social platforms, marketing of attractive and colourful commodities appeals to 21st clothing industries, millions of people who bow to the current fashion pleasure can be subtlety and adversely influenced by various determinant factors.

To begin with, addiction towards fashion can bring out unpleasant social rejection resulting from fashionable discrimination, which derives from both personal choices and strong economic factors. People who are afflicted with low economic statues can easily be a part of this interesting discrimination and the so-called social exclusion whereas people who are called trend-setters afford novice, attractive, qualified, fashionable and mostly expensive clothes.

ed0cabe9b70828ad7340f10d0c7f00d5On this subject, needs for clothing is exceeding, rather than fulfilling, its aims and dramatically lead to mutually exclusive social-gaps that depends on appearances of people. Moreover, in terms of psychological aspect, people who are slaves of repeated nature of fashion can easily be lured by the attractiveness of colourful and effective clothes that leads to competing for today’s fashion in order to being confirmed by the society. As a result, following recent trends surprisingly gives rise to social discrimination and even a tendency to conformity.

skinny-model-backstageSecondly, people who are keen on exaggerated fashion can be at the risk of creating a negative self-image. In order to look fit and attractive, people especially young girls have a disposition to becoming slim and when they show off, they can easily develop eating disorders that originate from the desire of being admired and accepted. In other words, people in particular teenagers, who get carried away with recent trends, can suffer from anorexia and bulimia.

It has become evident that in order to keep up with fashion it is important to be stylish and owning expensive clothes has become a must for many both in your work place and especially when going out. Although there are people out there that can easily look expensive even with high street clothes, unfortunately some people even allocate a big portion of their monthly income to keep up to date with the latest fashions.

What-Wear-Work-SummerSuch excessive expenditure has a negative effect on the financial status of middle-class income earners. Unable to keep up with the rising price of the latest clothes and gadgets, they tend to spend beyond their monthly budget. In some cases, people are even willing to incur debts just to satisfy their desire for trendy outfits. Fashion lovers feel that the image they portray must be preserved at all costs even if it is beyond their financial capabilities.

Fashion puts so much emphasis on appearance and pressure to have all of the latest trends and expensive brands, it teaches young people that clothes and materialistic items are the most important thing. It sends the wrong message that in order to be pretty and popular, you must have the newest outfits and the latest brands. This gives off the impression that personality is not a factor in shaping who you are.

ACF-Survey-photoWhat are your thoughts on this issue? I think that fashion blogging and the internet in general gives people from all over the world a platform to express themselves. Fashion, after all, is about self-expression. i think a lot of people are intimidated by fashion simply because they think it’s frivolous and difficult but because of the internet this fear is slowly being replaced with a desire to try out new things, simply because they’re exposed to a lot of it all happening in real time.

Trends will always be a part of fashion. Blogging made the dissemination of trends quicker. The hierarchy will always be there, personally it’s just a matter of try not to let it take over your life.

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