I’m Trending #5 | The lace short …..

be410c2fcdc0c15ce2436fba337830f9My relationship with lace over the years has been clear and blunt: I love it and I must admit that I have quite a few lace items in my wardrobe. So it comes to no surprise that when I saw that this summer, the lace item was going to be the cute lace shorts, reluctant at first, you know being a momma and all plus heading to mid-age, I thought that it would be a bit too much, but I convinced myself the lace shorts is so versatile that if worn ‘age’ appropriately you cannot go wrong. Needless to say it found it’s deserved place in my wardrobe.

What I like most is how much of a difference it makes in an outfit it’s easy to wear and trendy. I feel the lace shorts can be worn with virtually anything and everything. Whether you pair them with a striped top, tank, denim vest or shirt, these on-trend shorts will add a delicate and easygoing vibe to any outfit.


The type of lace for the shorts is quite a vast one, so you can easily find what you are looking for. For instance there are the shorts that are tiered and others with a bit more of lace overlay. However, I would suggest that when trying this trend, try on a few different pairs to see which type of lace shorts you prefer.

If like me you are a bit more adventurous and follow your guts and if you are looking to buy a pair of lace shorts for a budget-friendly option online is your best bet, stores like H&M and New Look have plenty of inexpensive styles in stock right now! Not to mention sites like Romwe and Sheinside where I am pretty sure you are to find your match at an even cheaper price. I got mine at Sheinside and it’s just so cute I love it.

cbc00272ccef875783b5cd2a53270207So, get yourself some lace shorts and that denim vest, as stated here it is also a must-have for this Summer. I know you are thinking that you will never wear neither the shorts nor the vest but trust me when you see the end result of these two staples you will cave in, simple because they are a match made in fashion-land (you know it exists right).

Until next time,


P.S : I got some more styling ideas for you just a click away.

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