Reviving an old flame …. The love for Makeup

My love for makeup dates back to my early teen days – yea a throwback yesteryears – oh, how I loved and cherished my mamma’s teeny-weeny make up bag. To this day I still remember what it had, this amazing black eye pencil, mascara, a really small colourful eye shadow palette and some lipsticks … okay, now that we’re over the trip down memory lane. Let us get back to the topic at hand.

My teen days were not that cherished since they were the times in my life were I was the most insecure. You would have to kill me before I go out without makeup and poor me I knew nothing about applying makeup the right way … funny how the one thing I loved was also the one thing I was clueless about. Secondary school was even worse, the ‘it crowd’ kids wearing makeup to school despite the regulations of the school forbid it. I so wanted to be part of that crowd but my inferiority complex won over.



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Fast forward a couple of years and I learned to live with who I am and to realize that I am beautiful and that is when I started to love makeup more than anything I would have thought. I became intrigued with all that is bright and funky. Doing makeup on myself was always so entertaining, I fondly remember spending afternoons planning my outfits to go out and applying my makeup from hours before going out – everything had to be perfect. It became such a big part of me that I wanted to learn more, wanted to get the knowledge of makeup artists, wanted my skills to be perfect and so I grabbed what makeup and enrolled in a couple of evening courses to improve my skills.

After that, I was lucky enough to have been able to apply makeup to a couple of family members and friends with great result and a heart warming feedback and truth be told nothing gave me greater joy – well obviously not counting the birth of my son. Funnily enough, it was when my son was born that I decided to put this blog together, despite my initial hesitation, it had to happen, as otherwise I was to forget about it. Therefore, even though he does not know this yet, I am only here because of my little munchkin.

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Having said that with the birth of my son came also another challenge: that of time management! If you are not aware, when you become a mum a zillion things come to mind but topping the list was the question of how was I to care to my child needs and carrying on with whom I am. I mean I knew my life as I knew it was going to change and something had to give – but was I really ready for that? Slowly I started adjusting to this new mama life and as they say things started to fall in place, but still something had to give and that was the time dedicated to applying makeup. Truth be told the last year saw me entering the world quick to go kind of girl – eyeliner, mascara and lippie and I was good to go.

However, a few months ago thanks to this very blog and to the inspiration of two fellow bloggers things were about to change. I was overwhelmed with the feelings I started getting and gladly welcomed this change, as all changes are good.

So here it is, a post dedicate to my new renewed love for makeup. I’m in no way a Beauty Guru. Far from it! In fact, I look to others for inspiration and love trying new things. I watch GRWM and tutorials videos on YouTube like a junkie! I have been experimenting with foundation, playing with false lashes, trying out fun colours on my lips and eyes. Not to mention I’ve hauled some amazing budget friendly makeup and beauty goodies.;)


So thank you Dyna and Smashing Darling I can now say I am a makeup junkie and I LOVE IT.

Until next time,


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  1. You’re such a pretty sweet human being 🙂 ! Glad I was involved in this change haah keep your posts coming dear, it’s like reading a Sophie kinsella Novel xxxx

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