So … What defines a Style Icon

UoGHI am sure that like me while on the net at some point you will come across an article saying that this person or that person is the latest style icon and therein it never fails a number of people posting their take who says yes and who says no.

While it is safe to say that everyone has their own style, everyone is unique, but there are few people that can be considered as icons. I like elegant, but I can also like extravagant. More than likely celebrities end up on these list for one reason and one reason only and that is PERSONAL STYLE!

But the question still remains : what defines a style icon? Is it the timeless style, the fact that they influence a style or is it that they may be radical enough to be unique, no matter how wrong the style may be?

Although it’s hard to categorize style, I am will attempt to define it and try to figure out exactly what is means. If we take the context on a personal note it is safe to say that style has a lot to do with confidence and knowing who you are. Once that is accomplished, next step is finding your own unique personal style, one that works for you. As easy as it might seem, it is easier said than done.

Audrey Hepburn Black dressesIf we try and look for inspiration by looking up to a celebrity, one women that often tops the lists of most stylish women of the 20th century (and my personal fave) is the eternal Audrey Hepburn. So what made Audrey Hepburn such a style icon? One of the explanations I can think of for Audrey’s unique and superb style is that she stuck to a style that worked for her body type and her temperament. Her style is also considered as timeless and defined by minimalism and elegance. The key to her style is that she knew what worked for her and had a very strong point of view on the matter. Not to mention that she was also one of the first women to debut the pixie cut, a bold move for her time. So are the latter the key points to keep in mind?

I can safely say, that every woman is always searching for her signature style. Some redefine themselves with designer pieces, while others find their personal style by turning to history and searching vintage stores. A woman’s style is an extension of who she is, and who she wants to become — problem is the moment fashion takes over with the final say about what we wear, it is no longer a woman’s personal style but one that is conditioned by culture.

Normally every item we choose to wear is often a good reflection of the mood we are in, in our personal life. While often choices of what to wear are made effortless and unintentionally, they definitely do tell a story. So what kind of story do you want your personal style to tell?

Personally, I am always battling between fashion and personal style. While dressing fashion forward is much easier than investing the time to define my personal style – what best speaks to the woman that I am becoming – I see myself as a woman who enjoys dressing up. I see myself as a woman who enjoys simplicity and timeless pieces, and who surely loves to express my fun and wild side once in a while.


My belief is that personal style is just that personal, and is an intimate detail of a woman’s life that you can choose to share with others.

So who’s your favourite style icon … here are mine.

Until next time,


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