The Dupes Chronicles #1 | Jessup vs Sigma brushes

The Dupes
Hey you lovely dolls, got a question for you … Have you ever fallen in love with a product only to realize it’s too expensive? It happens to me all the time!!!

In come the dupes to save the day and make life and pocket that little bit lighter, especially when you’re looking for an alternative option, when the original comes with a hefty price and you just don’t want to spend that much money. So as from today I’m gonna be starting ‘The Dupes Chronicles’ of items I find and/or purchase in the hope that these help you out in dire days.

So lately I have been wanting to change my current makeup brushes since I have had them for a pretty long time now and have long done their job. So I asked fellow beauty bloggers for some tips and the most mentioned were Real Techniques and Sigma – so I started my online search for these awesome, to say the least brushes, however looking at the prices, I must admit it was not what my bank account had in mind.

So after the initial disappointment, I could not let this discourage me and so I continued my search. Next stop was Youtube, my new BFF, not just the place, were I follow my favourite vloggers, but also in those days like this one were I needed some illumination and help to find things worth buying and in less 0.33 seconds I found them, the dupes for the Sigma kabuki brushes.

Next up was to search for theses brushes namely Jessup kabuki brushes on Ebay (all this searching is tiring – haha not!). This search however, was an easy peezy one, as there was an endless amount of brushes to choose from and seeing the prices – I was overwhelmed to say the least. I was instantly drawn towards the 10 piece set with five face and five eye brushes and for the the sweet price of £10.95 who wouldn’t right?

dscf1577So this is it – I went for the black and gold ones cos I immediately liked them, however, there are a tons of variations, to choose from, for instance if you are a fan of say pink handles – you will find them or just cannot get enough of purple or blue.

Now let’s review the brushes: These brushes I beleive they are made from synthetic hair however there are a couple of duo fibre ones as well. The face brushes apply foundation and powder beautifully leaving an airbrushed like finish to your face – thumbs up for that! Also, they wont pick up a lot of your product, which some brushes might do. The smaller brushes in the set can be used for a number of purposes. From applying eyeshadow and on a side not these too pick up the makeup beautifully, to blending it out to defining and contouring your cheek bone and nose. Options are limitless, if you ask me.


Here’s a list of how I intend to use these brushes (click on picture for a better view).




Now on to the comparison part – I own one Sigma brush, the F80, so I can only compare that one to the corresponding one in the set. Erm, it looks and feels pretty much the same to me! The F80 has a slightly shorter handle, and the hair isn’t as shiny, but using them both gives identical results.

As I mentioned above, I bought (well my lovely partner did) my brushes from Ebay and they have so many different sets available, so if you are interested in a good bargain or ain’t a professional makeup artist but still want something as close as the original as you can get, make sure you have a look and see what else tickles your fancy.

As per most ebay sellers, shipping is free but takes up to a month or so, the packaging was okay I guess, as they came in a padded envelope in a plactic bag and each brush has it’s individual plastic cover. They had a bit of a funny smell however nothing my E.L.F. brush shampoo couldn’t handle.

In my humble opinion if you’re in no rush for these brushes but want to go for bargainous deal, then definitely worth check them out.

Until next time,


Disclaimer : This post is my own personal opinion, I bought all the products myself and I am not affiliated with the company.

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  1. Such a good idea to do dupes. I’ve been thinking of doing the same for a while myself because I really believe that cosmetics shouldn’t have to cost a fortune. I’ve also been lusting after Crown Brushes recently, which are absolutely beautiful but more than a tad out of my price range for now. Maybe I’ll try these ones instead 🙂 Thanks for sharing!
    Vic xo

  2. I love these brushes. I have never tried Sigma brushes, but since I’ve got the Jessup ones, I don’t want Sigmas anymore. I don’t think they can offer as much as the price they have. Jessups are so great and if they fall apart, it’s not a fortune to buy a new set. I highly recommend them.
    I use all the big ones for foundation and the “eye brushes” to apply concealer. They are like small foundation brushes.

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