I’m trending #6 | Socks and heels

Hey there my lovely ladies,

1I have got for you THE trend that I am positively sure will fall in love with.

More than likely for most of you the very thought of socks with shoes makes you run for the hills. Please rest assured I am not talking about Crocs and tube socks (skin crawl).  I am referring to THE look that has trickled up from the streets, socks and shoes duos that strode down many an AW14 catwalk and I loved it to say the least.

So if like me you do not want to look back and say what if and because you only live once I’d say I’m going to give this trends a try.

6Once regarded as the ultimate fashion no no, socks and shoes were a combination that can be spotted only on the young and the elderly. But, as with every good trend, opinion has swayed. Just that a look at the catwalk this season for proof that the pairing is, in fact, very much the trend of the season.  Perfect for the transeasonal months, this trend will prolong the wear of skirts and open-toe sandals; ideal if you aren’t quite ready to readopt your winter tights.

There are two ways to go with the socks and shoes trend; bold and main.original.585x0 (8)bright or neutral and sophisticated. A monochrome look is safest. Think mannish flats and ankle boots with lightly ribbed socks. Heeled pumps and strappy sandals. Tie colour tones in with the rest of your outfit to avoid your look appearing too brash. For an edgy take on the trend, add a pair of socks to this summer’s slider sandals. To ensure a flattering finish, wear your socks either scrunched at the ankle or pulled up to mid-calf.

5This is a trend that has been readily adopted by the street style set.  Solange Knowles has been spotted indulging in the charming combination.

Meanwhile on the catwalk of DKNY, Tory Burch, The Row and Whistles were just a few of the designer names championing the look for AW14.
I am really looking forward to taking this trend out and about … anyone with me?  In that case keep on scrolling as I have got more pics for all courtesy of Pinterest.

Until next  time,



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