Spotlight Series #5 | Interview with Lukka Pizzuto

Hey there lovelies,

received_10204205224443174_resizedAs from today I am starting a new feature on the blog that I hope you will like and enjoy reading.  The local brand spotlight that will feature interviews with local  talented people/business people.  So here goes my first instalment for this new feature and it’s an interview with the very talented Lukka Pizzuto.   I first came to know of Lukka from this year Malta Fashion Week where he showcased his amazing first collection. When I saw his pictures splattered all over Facebook , I was so beside my self with excitement as I got the feel of that coveted vintage look that we all love – well I know I do.  (Side note: OMG that show stopping RED dress – still dreaming of it!!!) 

So I got writing down some questions for Lukka to get to know him better …. and here is what I found out.

So who is Lukka?
Lukka is creative .. good hearted and a party boy with a shot of style.

Why did you decide to become a fashion designer?
Fashion has always been an inspiration for me … when it comes to fashion it doesn’t have an ending it’s all about inspiration and creativity. 

What is your favorite part about being a fashion designer?
Mmmmm this is a good question, I love to design and creating something fresh and new. Although my area is more into vintage designs I honestly love when I see someone wearing my design, doesn’t have to be someone famous or with a big name.  No matter the size or the person, everyone can wear designers.

What do you think of the fashion scene in Malta?
I think people here in Malta are trying new trends and new designs, best thing best, is to keep in mind that having your own style is important , rather then basic and boring.


What were your inspirations for the designs you created for Malta Fashion Week 2014?
East London, Vintage and beyond normal style.

How do you select the materials you used?
Big research is involved to achieve the best result, but it’s all about going to retail shops and selecting the best garment for your designs.

Were the materials you chose difficult to work with?
Yes, when it comes to raw silk and high quality material.

IMG_9613What was it like the whole Fashion Week and Awards experience?
Breath taking and a dream came true!

What are your plans for the future?
Fashion awards 2015 and maybe move to London.

IMG_9614I really do like Lukka’s vision of how he wants his women, to look and should you wish to enter that world please feel free to contact Lukka here and he would be more than happy to make your vision and wishes come true.

Until next time,



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