Kids and Fashion #2 | Our little fashionistas … Where do we draw the line?

Checked shirtHey there lovely ladies,

So it’s been a while since I last wrote something about little munchkin fashion and so I decided it was time to talk some toddler/kids style, seeing how I love dressing up my cute little man.  I mean like any other momma I want my kid to be dressed up nicely and obviously in the latest fashion trends. But all this begs the question : where do we draw the line?kim-kardashian

Speaking of over the top … you have to be otherwise blind not to have seen at least one picture of baby North West.  Truth be told little Nori is such a cutie surely enough her adorable little face will definitely distract you from what she is wearing! However, rumour has it – her parents are telling shop assistants that their daughter has a ‘particular style’ and they are ‘only dressing her in black right now’.  Kim has in previous interviews revealed that she refuses to dress her daughter in pink, and it looks like she meant it!

rexusa_2405297lSurely Nori’s parents take their daughter’s wardrobe very seriously, carefully choosing garments for her to wear, and often matching them with her mother’s clothes.  The cherry on top of the cake came during this season Paris Fashion Week where the style-obsessed couple brought their daughter along to Balenciaga’s runway show front row.  Unlike any other occasion where normally all eyes would be on ‘Kimye’, but not that night instead little Nori totally stole the show.  Dressed all in black, sporting a skull Yeezus T-shirt from her dad’s recent tour (totally not appropriate for a toddler), a pleated leather skirt from her mom’s Kardashian Kids clothing line and lace-up biker boots.  Adorable as she might be I think she still looks older than she actually is.  What about Nori latest day out at the Underwood Family Farms for a little autumnal outing.  Nori looked so adorable in a neckerchief and a little fringed cape, customized kicks (of course) with her name emblazoned on the heels just cause she is North West and that how she rolls.

INF - The Kardashians go to the pumpkin patch1413821896100_wps_15_She_is_in_shape_Sexy_Kim_

I might understand Kimye need to make their kid first, we all do.  I remember when my son was RocknRoll dudea baby, I used to love buying him a variety of ‘amusing’ rock and roll outfits.  As he is getting older, yep I am still doing it.   I enjoy dressing him up, since he always looks so cute being in jeans and tees , crisp white shirts, bow-ties and waistcoat. Layering retro tees with cardies, skinny pants and hi-tops.

Obviously, though, dressing your child is a deeply subjective thing. Maybe you like them to wear preppy gear that makes them look like they’ve just graduated from Harvard. Or maybe you favour the full shell suit with gold chains and high tops. It’s up to you. Or is it?

When you’ve been your kid stylist since birth, it’s easy to assume they will like what you like well at least until they’re old enough to articulate their opinion.  But because you’re in charge of their sartorial ‘choices’, often you can end up dressing them in what you prefer. Cue your kid at the tender age of 1 rocking a Rolling Stone tee not having a clue who the Rolling Stones are!!!! So does this mean we are creating a legion of Mini Mes? Or are we just being practical? It’s a constant struggle and a tot of compromise, but practicality has to rule.

Beanie Now that I’m a parent, I think there’s more to choosing your child’s clothes than us being parents and just imposing our will on our kids. I think that selecting my child clothes is a way to preserve their innocence, and keep stylish and looking like children.

So my final  thought from the momma that loves fashion and hence want her little boy to be ever so stylish, let’s just not for that they are kids and not matter what they will look adorably cute and stylish.


Until next time,


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All photo credits : Pinterest

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