Tips and Tricks #2 | The Red Lipstick … Have you tried these tricks?

Hey there lovelies,

Today I am gonna talk about a makeup item that I love to bits but somehow I tend to stay away from for oh so many reasons … yep I am talking about the red lipstick which is in my opinion a makeup chameleon.  It’s definitely a classic look with the potential to be modern, romantic, or edgy, depending on how you wear it.

One thing for sure is that perfecting this look is easier said than done. Sure enough, there are numerous gorgeous shades of red, and lovely textures, but there’s just so much that can go wrong.  Between getting it on your teeth, feathering, smudging, and fading in an awkward way, I end up more than likely tempted to skip this lip look altogether because it becomes such a pain to tend to.

However, for this holiday season, I have decided that I am not ditching the red for anything. So, to make sure my pout is on-point, I have been doing some research to see what makeup artists in general use as their most reliable tips and truth be told I was surprised with some of the tips I came across!  Of course we all know how to blot, but surely there’s something more we’ve been missing. Turns out, I was missing quite a few tricks that honestly I have never heard of,  just to mention a few from layering with green lipstick to well-placed nudes that make a matte look glossy.

So here is what I found out which is so interesting, hence my decision to put it all up in one post.


 NYX Studio Finish Powder


Powder Up
Like many one of the main reasons people stay away from red lips is because they bleed into the skin. One way to prevent the bleeding, is powder the lips prior to applying lipstick. This will give it something to adhere to, allowing the color to stay on all day.


Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Fragmented

Go Green
If by any chance your favorite red is a little too bright, say for work or a daytime outing, put a gold, or even green, lip product over the lipstick. These tones tame the brightness of the red and give it an unexpected, modern twist.


Anatomicals Never Lose your cherry SPF15 Lip Balm

All About The Balm
If like me you have dry lips you know better but to prep the lips with a balm before putting on your lipstick, however, some makeup artists say otherwise and their advice is to put the lip balm over, not under, your lip color, hence giving the pigment a chance to absorb into the skin. This is especially helpful for products that give a stained look. Recommendation to use a balm that’s more waxy than oily.

Stage Blood

Mehron Stage Blood

Blood Red
If you are a fan (like me) of Halloween tutorials you know that more than likely fake blood will be used at a certain point, so don’t throw out that fake blood just yet.  Seems that fake blood is an ideal color for lips and cheeks, on any face. Sheer a drop of it onto your lips, and blend it on your cheeks to achieve the most beautiful and natural red.

Mac Lipstick

MAC Lipstick in Lady Danger

Hot And Cold
If you can’t decide between a warm red and a cool one, try to use both. By applying the cool red to the lips fully, and then add the warm red to the center, this will round the lips and make them look extra full.

Lip Gloss

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Fiery

Layer It
If you want your lipstick to last all night, then do not be afraid to pile on different products and textures.  You can do this by filling in your entire lip with a waterproof lip pencil.  Then apply a matte lipstick directly from the tube. Smush your lips onto a tissue, and apply another layer of lipstick. Last but not least top it off with long-wearing lip gloss Lipstick.

UD Naked

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Naked

Go Glossy
If you love the full, plumped effect of a lip gloss — but hate the glossy part — you still can have the best of both worlds.  Fill in your lip your red lipstick, and then take a light shade — a pastel or even a nude — and tap the color into the center of your bottom lip and along your Cupid’s bow,  Tap your lips together to blend, and viola’ you’ll have the illusion of light hitting your pout, but without the stickiness of gloss.

Cherry Lipstick

NARS Audacious Lipstick in Annabella

Berry Beautiful
Going for that just-ate-a-cherry look? This requires a more pigmented center, and for particular this look  you can use your fingertip while making a kissy face and apply the lipstick to the center of your lips.

elf retractable brush

E.L.F. Studio Retractable Lip Brush

Lipstick To-Go
Going out, and don’t have space to throw your whole makeup bag in your tiny clutch, load up a retractable lip brush with your lipstick of choice. This way, you’ll have precision re-application with minimal bulk.


Jell-O Cherry Gelatin

Delicious Lips
Seems like jell-O also acts as an amazing lip stain.  By mixing a dash of powdered cherry gelatin into your favorite lip balm, it will make a bright lipstick color. On a side note mixing it in with your moisturizer will give you a DIY cream

So there it is …. what do you think, did you know of any of these tricks.  I must admit I knew of a couple but some (especially this last time) got me so curious I might even try it.  Would love to hear from you if you knew any of these tips and/or if you have any of your own.

How does the saying goes information shared …. information gained 🙂

Until next time,


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