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first-date-cloudI recently got tagged by the lovely Allyson from Smashing Darling (you can check her awesome channel here) and I was instantly drawn in the whole girly girly vortex.  I thought that the questions were really cute so I gave them a go. Okay… so let’s get started.

1. How long does it take you to get ready for a date?

Hmmm probably too long by normal standards.  Bath, blow dry hair, applying my makeup and please note that this alone takes me an hour followed by my closet exploding all over the place, trying to find the perfect outfit.  So all in all I would say good three hours.

first-date2. What’s your idea of a perfect first date?

a) Dinner
b) Drinks
c) Cinema
d) Adventurous dates

Well if it’s a first date with someone I had met before at a club, I would to meet up for drinks at a Wine Bar, just because it would be less of an awkward situation, rather than sitting across someone at dinner, who you do not know that well as yet.


3. What would you gravitate more towards to wear on a date …oh8q5s-l-610x610-jacket-cute-sunnies-casual-sexy-v-neck-tee-sexy-babe-leather-jacket-boyfriend-jeans-ripped-jeans-biker-jacket-badass-distressed-jeans-cuffed-jeans-v-neck-top-leather-biker-jac

a) Jeans
b) Trousers
c) Skirt
d) Dress

I am a girly girl in everything, but for the drinks date I would go for jeans, a cute top some chunky accessories and a leather jacket.

4. On the date of your choice what makeup would you wear

a) Girl next door
b) Smokey and sexy
c) Bold lip
d) Brights

I am big …. no huge fan of the Smokey look and I do happen to love makeup so I would not mind going all out, false lashes and all.

Dark smokey eyes5. Your date says you have an hour to be ready what do you do?

OMG! Like seriously would be my first reaction, but in reality I would be in a panic state however, I would definitely try a be ready! Please note that try is the key word here!

6. Your date asks for the bill, do you …

a) Offer to pay – with actual meaning to pay
b) Make a fake fuss – with no intention of paying
c) Expect him to pay straight away

Well if he asked me out it’s kind of obvious he will pay. Having said that I would offer to pay and actually mean it.

7. It’s time to say goodbye you really like your date do you …

a) Wave
b) Hug
c) Kiss on the cheek
d) Peck
e) Full on smooch

Well if I do like the guy I would go for the full on smooch just to make sure he would ask me for the second date.

And now on the fun part … that is the tagging part … I tag these lovely ladies.

• Lara from Every Beauty Addict’s Bible
• Fiona from Fiona Cruelty-free
• Reb from Island of Make Believe
• Lyndsey from Splashes of Looks
• Cristina from This is Chri
• Steph from Think Love Makeup
• Dyna from *Dyna’s Random Blog

Apart from the lovely ladies I tagged above, I tag all of you reading this! If you do like this tag, make sure to tag or tweet me @mydivainside so I can check it out. Looking forward to reading all your posts xx

Until next time,


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