Tips and Hints #2 | Dressing like a Pro a.k.a A Parisienne

Hey there my lovely dolls,

Street Style collageI don’t know about you but I am in love (obsessed really) with everything that has to do with Paris it is MY favourite European cities and most of all The Fashion Capital of the World (well at least in my mind) and I do hope to get the chance to visit before I expire on this earth!

Anyways as I said Paris and fashion go hand in hand – just take a look at some street style from last year PFW … sigh! …

Looking at the pictures, I do not know about you but these words come to mind to describe the style that embodies Le Parisienne : Chic, Elegant and Uniform. Parisian ladies have a seemingly effortless but perfectly-undone style that does not just happen; it actually takes work. Nobody’s wakes up like that – not even the Frenchies!

So how can we learn their tricks so that we can master their style.  I would say that if you have right staple items  like for instance men-esque trousers, simple pumps, and crisp button-downs it’s a pretty good start add a bit of Parisienne va-va-voom and you are all set to go.

Now if you want to embrace the full Parisienne look then take the above tips and add the following stores with each store having it’s own unique style but the same denominator that of all being quintessentially French.  Please bare in mind that these stores are all designer brands and a tad on the pricey side. I have never shopped from their sites or am I affiliated with anyone of them, however, as I said they embody French style to the core and that’s is exactly what this post is all about.

1. Sandro
This label has grown in popularity in recent years even though it’s been around since 1984.   Founded by Evelyne and Didier Chetrite, their first fashion collection of patterned dresses was one of their biggest hit!Their frocks were perfectly effortless incorporating a bohemian French kind of style.  Following this collection an extensive line full of jackets, trousers, blouses, accessories, and everything in-between was made available ready-to-wear.

What I like:

                     ELYKIA Lace Top

Elykia Embroidered Lace Top available on line at USD238


             Two Tone Sleeveless Dress available on line at USD215.

2. Iro
If I had to describe Iro I would say it combines a rock-and-roll sensibility with nonchalant sophistication. Need I say more, it all sounds so ooh la’ la’ French.  Started by two brothers, who their niche started off in the music industry in 2005, hence the rock-and-roll vibe.  The most noteworthy pieces in their collection are of course the array of leather jackets that I can immediately tell, just by looking at them online that their fit is impeccably.  Toss one on and the instantly cool button is on and in a not-trying-hard kind of way.  Trust me to like one of the most expensive jackets available!

What I like :


Yaren Sweater available online at Eur380


Wamiel Leather Jacket available online at Eur1,130

3. The Kooples
I have heard about this fabulous brand via another blogger (and friend) that trust me you should be following her blog since her sense of style is very unique and very French inspired, so head over to her page and trust me you will be glad you did. So what makes The Kooples unique, it is simply the fact that they blend women and men lines into one beautiful collection. Well if that does not scream ‘So Parisienne’ I don’t know what does! Their mix-and-match idea is simply genius.

What I like:


Leather Belted Leopard Print Silk Dress

Leather Belted Leopard Print Silk Dress available online at Eur357

Lace Blouse

Lace Blouse available online at Eur217.

4. Maje
Founded by designer Judith Milgrom in 1998, the name came about from the initials of her loved ones. Describing Maje is easy as every piece falls under the ‘classic’ in nature category, but features surprising touches and luxe details. In other words imagine owning that piece of clothing with that little something special but with minimal effort.

What I like:

KAROLINA Stripped overcoat

Striped Wool Overcoat, available online and on sale at USD401


Neoprene Ombre Dress, available online at USD470

5. Zadig & Voltaire
Founded by designer Thierry Giller (whose father just happens to be the founder of Lacoste) I must admit that Zadig & Voltaire has that quintessential, flamboyant women with a bit of rock-girl aesthetic to their collection. The brand has been around since 1997 and browsing through the website I must admit that some items are a bit too fashion-forward for me, but quite a number of tops, dresses, and accessories are definitely worth looking at.

What I like:STEVA HAT

Steva Hat, available online at USD215


Liam Cuir Jacket, available online at USD795

6. Claudie Pierlot
Designer Claudie Pierlot decided to launched her namesake label in 1984 as a place to go to for “les femmes de Paris.” Although in 2009 the label was passed to the founders of Sandro and Maje the collection still to this date personifies the carefree and undeniably cool Parisian sense of style.

 What I like:

Bobby Top


Bobby Top, available on line at STG165

RIMINI dress

Rimini Dress, available on line at STG185.

7. Comptoir des Cotonniers
Considered to be one of the pioneer brand for “affordable luxury”, Comptoir des Cotonniers offers a full range of easy separates that are equal parts cheeky and feminine.  Become an instant fashionista by mixing one of the brand’s signature chunky sweaters with a full flannel skirt with a few added accessories et voila’ you have fashionista down path. On a side note I am totally obsessing on this brand and I am highly inclined to treat myself to buying something seeing how in a couple of months time – well more actually I am hitting the big 4-0 (more on that soon!).

What I like:


Lace Dress, available online at USD115,


Leather Blend Strappy Biker Boots, USD297


Sequin Stripe Top, available online at USD115,

Well as the saying goes (or did I just invent this – well in my mind it makes perfect sense) if you cannot go to Paris, then bring Paris and le Parisienne style to you.

I hope that you yes you, reading this enjoyed doing so as much as I enjoyed browsing around these fab sites and being swept away around the beautiful landmarks that only Paris can offer.

Until next time,


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