Collab Post #2 | Defining ‘A Sharp Dressed Man’

Hello my lovely dolls,

untitled2Like any other person most men begin their day by getting dressed.  Not the same thing can be said about men from a hundred years ago, where the average man would throw on overall and a pair of work-boots to go to work.  Fast forward a century later and more men are suiting-up to start their day. Not only are they dressing up, but they are dressing well.

We all know that thanks to the worldwide web fashion has taken and life form of it’s own.  We all know that the majority of women excel in styling themselves however I am happy to report that men are not that far off – not only are they interested in fashion and style, but they are getting quite good at it as well.  From flipping through magazines sites and various fashionistas blogs, the well-dressed men of New York, Paris, and Milan are paving their way into becoming the industry professionals and fashion’s equivalent of pro-athletes.  Though generally speaking men style is executed in a way that suggests comfort and ease, studies show that it takes a good amount of self-discipline and practice. The only thing that in my opinion that these sharply dressed men have had to learn is that being well-put together is a serious pursuit and is almost never effortless.

On this matter, I was contacted by the lovely people at Paul Fredrick and asked if I would choose a topic to discuss from the list hereunder.  I was intrigued by it and went ahead in putting together this post. This was meant be ready for the festive season however, due to unforeseen circumstances I did not manage. Nonetheless, Valentine is just around the corner and what better way to voice my opinion on the subject and let’s face it who doesn’t like a well dressed man for a candlelit dinner at your favourite restaurant.  If all this intrigues you well why don’t you all head on to their website which you can visit here and I am sure that you will find what you are looking for.  From smart to casual attire to accessories!

So here are the topics I had to choose from :
Occasion dress shirt styles
Styling him for an events
What colors/patterns work best this season
When coordinating outfits, what men’s and women’s styles complement each other
Ways for him to dress casual but still look sharp this holiday season

And my choice fell on : Styling him for an event/s and here’s a look of how I would style my better half!


If you like what you see above – click dress shirts

In the end, dressing is a two-fold. Firstly, it’s psychological. Being well-dressed helps you feel confident and at ease with your surroundings don’t we all hate it when we are under-dressed or worst of them all feel out of place. The other aspect is physical wherein lies a feeling of confidence that isn’t just in your head after all.

The lessons learned? If you want to feel smart, look smart too. But most of all Get noticed – Stand out!

Until next time,


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