I’m Trending #7 | The patched jeans …. Do I hear a comeback?

Hey lovely dolls,

So you guys I am back with a fashion post (yay), the once I lurve best as I am a fashion fan to the core.   So what if I had to Patches Pininteresask – were you around when the good all mighty jeans were baggier (way more than the boyfriend style we love) and they were all patched up too? Well I sure do remember those days and yeah that makes me very much older than some of you reading this! I was around to see this trend but I was still very young to voice my thoughts on the trend, now that I am (older than is), truth be told  I have my reservations on the trend’s comeback, even though deep I know I like it but it begs the question …. will I go for it?


Pinterest animal printSo let me breakdown the trend for you, and give you what I think are the pros, well as for starters patched jeans can be taken as breath of fresh of air and an update to the basic jeans and seeing how the loose boyfriend style is here to stay the patched up style seems to work especially well with this trend. Secondly one is spoilt for choice when choosing which patch to go for, and the array of unique street style patchwork available make it easier to choose starting with the fun retro logos to the more subtle boho patterns and finishing with the all so safe self-denim patches.

On the other hand with regards to the con for this is a trend I can only think of one, which basically is the fact one can easily fall in the whole ‘do it yourself’ part and it is right here were it gets all tricky and complicated.  I love getting down with my hands (even though I am not crafty at all) but sadly that does not stop me from trying the whole DIY thing and God only knows I tried my fair share when studs embellishments were the thang to do.  I get all hyped up and all, for it but then I get frustrated as I know for a fact that the outcome will definitely not be as I had pictured it in my mind and mostly because we do not have access to the same materials available to designers.


Subtle but reifored

However, for those of you out there, with the DIY gene, your fashion life must be awesome right now. There is a multitude of craft-inspired denim trends hitting us up, giving you a reason to use those vintage patches you’ve been collecting. For us common mortals, we have the internet and  shops to satisfy our quest in finding the perfect pair, if you want to give this trend a go.  I would however suggest not to over do the patched situation as it might be a little to much.  Having said that, if on the other hand you dare to be a trend setter then by all means pack it up and ultimately as long as you feel comfy and you like it, then, that is exactly what being stylish means.


I figured while I am at it, I would give you some tips of how to style the look and still look all nice and polished.
If you are looking to replace your beat-up jeans or for that matter trying to bring it back to life start by reinforcing them with strategically placed patches.  Or keep it simple if you are buying this particular style.


As you might have noticed, over winter ,plaid and tartan have been showing up everywhere (if you hadn’t then you were hibernating) and that now has extended to patches!  If you choose these embellishments try and go for darker wash demin, so as to avoid looking like you are ready for a ’90s-hayride!


If you consider yourself fashion-forward well then contrast patchworked jeans are your best bet, team them up with classic staples like wool, pea coats and ankle boots and you are set to hit the street style runway.


You know how most of the times (well 90% of the times) we keep repeating that less is more, well this trend falls in the 10% where sometimes, more is more. You have to choose on which side of the balance you want to be it’s either the side were you pile them patches on or the side wherein you choose to go for the style of the subtle jeans.

Until next time,


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