Tips and tricks #3 | Perfecting my eyeliner technique ….

7727344dfbbf3171dc510430baa91ed7Hey there my lovely dolls,

So I am back with yet another of my obsession posts and as most of you know, that my obsession is with eyeliner and perfecting the technique, so I compiled a list of some of the styles and little tricks I have found these past few months.  They have been useful to me to make application techniques that little bit easier .

One thing I can tell you is best to take your time when applying your eyeliner as when it’s done right it can make your eyes pop and look absolutely stunning, making you ready for any big day or night ahead.  However, if done wrong, well, to put it bluntly it will make you look messy and can ruin your whole look, no matter if your outfit, lipgloss and blush are perfect.  Unfortunately, through experience, I learnt the latter the hard way, and that is why it is important that you put that little bit of extra effort when doing your eyeliner. Don’t worry if you’re not all that good at it or don’t have a steady hand, like everything else eyeliner application is all about practice, practice and more practice, so be patient and you will succeed.

So here goes some techniques I have been experimenting with these past few months.

Thick LinerMake It Thick : There are few things I love more than managing a perfectly done thick liner. If all other fail, try thickening it up. Best style I found best is just by thickening it slightly at first and then gradually making it bigger, that way you can see what suits you best. This trick really does make your eyes stand out while allowing them to be mysterious too. It also really accentuates your mascara so your lashes look lovely and long. I love this.


Smudge LinerSmudge It :  When sometimes, found myself running out of time but still want to do something fancy with my eyeliner I apply my usual coat of eyeliner and smudge it around the edges. It creates a daring and bold look which looks completely effortless but nonetheless fabulous.  It really is a timeless look.


Thin LinerMake It Thin : This is probably the eyeliner style that I tend to wear most often because it looks so good. Applying just a really thin layer of eyeliner really enhances your eyes without taking too much away from the rest of your look. You need to have a steady hand to pull it off (or, like me, you could cheat and wipe any excess away with a makeup pen!). It’s a great look for the office, formal occasions, date nights, anything at all!


Winged LinerWinged Eyes : In some ways winged eyeliner looks similar to the cat eyeliner (which I’ll cover later) but in other ways it’s completely different. While you focus heavily on the top of your eyes, creating a beautiful sweeping stroke, you also line your bottom lids too. This makes for a more rounded look and really defines your eyes.a


colour me crazyColour Me Crazy : So who said eyeliner had to be either black or brown? And who still believes that? Your eyeliner can be any colour you wish – my makeup bag has been bursting with vibrant blues, heated pinks and daring yellows. There’s even a few glittery ones in there too. You wouldn’t believe all the colours eyeliner come in these days there are countless ones to choose from. Just remember when choosing the colour to wear, try making it a darker shade of your eyeshadow or at least a shade that matches. Seriously, ladies, who is with in starting to experiment. One thing I’m worried about is that once you start it can be difficult to stop!



Lock It In Place : There are not many things worse than when your eyeliner runs at the end of the day. To stop this from happening all you need to do is get a skin or matching colour eyeshadow and lightly dab it across the top of your neatly done liner. This will hold it in place and stop it from smudging or running, saving you the annoyance of having to touch it up every few hours or worry about it all day long.

Use Your Concealer : Concealer is good for more than just hiding blemishes. To really sharpen up your eyeliner, simply smooth some concealer around the edges to make it look nice and smooth. It’s far easier to keep a steady hand when doing this than it is applying your eyeliner so you’re likely to better achieve the defined look you’re after opposed to a few instead lines.

Grab The Tape : If you’re really, really bad at keeping your eyeliner steady and the concealer trick simply doesn’t work for you then perhaps a stencil will suit you better. Applying just a small amount of scotch tap on your eyelids at the preferred angle you’d like is a great way to ensure you stay within the lines so to speak. You’ll be able to achieve distinct, crisp edges and it’s really hassle free. Just make sure your tape isn’t too sticky or else it may hurt when you’re peeling it off!

Practice, practice! : And last but not least, the best thing you can do when it comes to eyeliner is practice. If you’re lucky enough to be a dab hand at it right away then great but sadly most of us aren’t so lucky. If you’ve got a bit of time, just practice a few styles and strokes, mix your colours and above all learn to keep a steady hand. If you feel silly doing this along, why not have a girls night? You’ll be an expert in no time!

I hope you enjoyed reading through, or skimping through to find what hits your fancy. Let me know what you think my lovelies and if there is style I am missing that you would like to share – I surely would like to hear them.

Until next time,




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