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Hey there my lovely dolls,

So a few weeks ago, I posted this picture. IMG_20150107_185323_resized

Like many beauty fans, I follow quite a number of vloggers on YouTube both locally and foreigners.  The most number of vloggers I follow are mostly based in the US : to name a few Jaclyn Hill, Kandee Johnson, Carli Bybel and Nicole Guerriero and it is hard to miss that they sometimes use the US brand Gerard Cosmetics.  As curious as cat, I was very keen to give them a try.

Needless to say, I have been eyeing their products ever since I found out about them.  I was doubly surprised to note that the shipping from the US was not that expensive either, but for some reason or other I hesitated for, I do not know how long, probably I was waiting for THE good coupon code email.

Luckily for me THE coupon I was waiting for came round about Christmas time and it was 50% off the entire website.  So after much deliberation on what to get, I settled for the trio of Jacklyn’s fave which include the 2 glosses cutely named ‘Buttercream’ and ‘Rose Hill’ and the utterly amazing shade ‘1995’ and added the perfect pinkish nude shade ‘Buttercup’.  Needless to say, knowing that Jaclyn Hill was working with GC to develop her own shades, I knew I could trust the formulation because she’s definitely someone whose’s opinion you can trust and she wouldn’t put her name to something if it wasn’t good enough.

A few weeks from the order I was pretty much excited when I got the package in the mail. Iimmediately fell in love with the gold packaging for the lipstick! I think it’s super classy and cute 🙂  Upon opening the lip glosses I was giggling when I saw that they have a built-in LED light! Super handy right if you think of when you have to re-apply your gloss on the go or in a dim lit situation.

The Lipsticks

1995 (2)

Ever since I got them, I have practically, been living in the 1995 shade, the most beautiful brown nudish rose toned lipstick I ever owned.  OMG in my books this shade is the perfect ‘Kylie Jenner’ or ’90’s’ shade. I am totally #obssessed! To top it all off it is by far the perfect fall/winter shade to own and the perfect matching shade that fits the 2015 color of the year: Marsala.  You must have noticed that I cannot stress enough the fact of how much I love this shade, my most ever favorite lipstick :).


Up next is Buttercup … My second favourite, if ever there excited the perfect nude pink lipstick this one would definitely be up there in the top three. Such a great standard color! A staple in anyone’s collection.
The Glosses
Rose Hill with LED
Now meet Rose Hill which just happens to be this beautiful rose colored gloss. I must admit that this particular gloss is not one I reach out for, feel it does not go well with my skin tone, nevertheless it is a very particular shade.  The wear of the gloss probably ranges between 4-5 hours leaving a bit of stain on your lips for a bit even when the gloss has worn off! However, the texture is incredibly creamy even buttery (pun intended) and are very very pigmented.
Last but not the least Buttercream is the gloss partner for Buttercup and as per its counter part it is this gorgeous nude pink. Perfect for every day and even paired with a smokey eye on a night out.
Packaging: As I said above each lipstick comes in a gold bullet shape tube, whereas the lip glosses come in a slender tube with a mirror on the side and the LED light on the inside.
1995 swatch Buttercream swatch Buttercup swatch Rose Hill swatch
Color: Every swatch from the lipstick and glosses match almost exactly the color in the tube. On the whole colour payoff is incredibly pigmented and all have a good wear time.

Formula: All products swatched felt soft and smooth, creamy and buttery.  All shades do not dry in the least – even after application and even for shade 1995 which is very matte. In the case of the latter, I like prepping my lips with a lip balm while getting ready so my lips are a bit moist.  Another thing I would like to add, upon trying and using all the shades I have found that all of them have a good longevity to them. They do not need too much touch up throughout the day unless you have got a busy day ahead which includes a lot of drinking and eating.  I haven’t found myself having to touch up throughout the day which is always something that puts a lip product in my good books.

Should I buy? A big definitely yes. I think , keeping in mind the color payoff and creamy formulation definitely makes a good deal.  Each item retails for $15 same price as MAC lipsticks, but come cheaper when bought in offers packs, and as I said above, if you wait for the right coupon code it comes out even cheaper :).
Until next time,
Disclaimer : This post is my own personal opinion, I bought all the products myself and I am not affiliated with the company.

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