Fact of Fiction #1 | The Dry Shampoo Myth – Does it really work?

Hey there my lovely dolls,

Let me be honest: My hair of lately has not been the best, I feel it’s very frail, lifeless and have noticed an that my hair is becoming very oily, truth be told I do not recall it being this bad in years!   For the past few months, I have not-so-secretly thought of the supposed hair-transformative effects of dry shampoo – for as long as I can remember I thought of it as an urban legend. I mean, I do want to believe that an aerosol can filled with corn starch could give me ads-like hair, but after years of going to hairdressers to have my hair styled it’s hard to believe the dry shampoo myth. Having said that, I have spent years testing every possible spray, powder, mist, oil, serum and brush formula I have read about or was told about and all have failed to instill any texture, fluff or volume whatsoever.

However, of latest I have been seeing vloggers and bloggers use and talk about dry shampoos.  So, after doing some youtubing I decide to try few tricks I saw and put them down on paper – well in this post.  Pretty easy steps, honestly, first the aerosol formula needs to be sprayed along the roots in sections and allowed a full five minutes (best timing it on the clock) before running a brush through your hair.  The five minute wait allows enough time for the dry shampoo to completely absorb the oils that are weighing it down. In my case since my hair tends to look greasiest when I wake up, I tried the mentioned trick just before going to bed—and repeat it all in the morning—to counteract any oil buildup while I slept.

After doing as advised – guess what? It worked. Suddenly I can tell you that dry shampoo is my saviour. Everytime, I use it I can see my hair cleaner from the excessive oils.  I mean nothing beats the cleanliness you get when you wash you hair, but if like me you cannot afford to wash your hair every other day, because my hair texture does not take being blow dried that frequently, the you will love dry shampoo.  So yep, you hear it right here, I said it, I am in love with dry shampoo. In fact, as I write this, I am stocking up on my dry shampoos.

Here are some of the shampoos I have tried and tested and are all available online at or at your drugstore, supermarkets or pharmacies.
Redken Pillow Proof dry shampoo


Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Genius Extender

This has to be my favorite, one because it’s pink and secondly it is ideal for applying at night time so this is the one I am stocking up on 🙂

Tigi Dry Shampoo


TIGI Bed Head Oh Be Hive Dry Shampoo


Label.M Dry Shampoo

Until next time,


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