Product review #9 | MUR Atomic Ruby Lipstick

11026090_375980149276706_8257967779851297737_nHey there my lovely ladies,

So yesterday was Easter Sunday and for I don’t long how long I actually had the outfit ready planned for in my mind and since I wanted to wear my new Zara shoes here it was easy to see the way I wanted my makeup nude eyes with a bit of winged liner and definately red lips.

So when that was settled I remembered that in my last MUR order I had added the Ruby Lipstick from the Atomic range.  As most of you know Makeup Revolution is a brand ever since their launch, everyone who is everyone who loves makeup have been raving about (and if you haven’t heard about them – you must have been hibernating .. but I got you covered just click here and you can thank me later).


On a side note for those of you wondering, MUR are cruelty-free, and even better, the vast majority of their products are vegan! A quick visit to their ingredients page will confirm what products are suitable.

So back to the review of today, the shade Atomic Ruby is a such a beautiful bright and bold red, the kind of colour that draws attention.  It’s a classic, cool-toned red that looks lovely against the very pale skin I have , but I believe it would look equally cool on someone with a tan. The consistency of the lipstick is more of a cream formula, however it does dry up to a matte finish and this is because it has no shimmer at all.

Because of the creamy consistency it won’t hold up all that well when eating and drinking so you might need to touch it up during the day.  On the whole it doesn’t perform any worse than other high-end or another drugstore, creamy lipsticks. I personally love the shine you get from it, it makes your lips looks very healthy as it doesn’t settle into fine lines.  I especially love the fact that unlike another red lipstick I own it doesn’t bleed or feather either, even without lip liner.
Once removed it does leave a slight stain, but nothing that a good make-up rem
2015-04-07-20-18-13-111_resizedover won’t take care of, and on the upside to that is that you’re not left with that awful ring around the outside of your lips as it wears away in the centre.
The packaging is nothing grand but to be expected from a drugstore brand.  In my case the lid does not stay on, but nothing a lipstick holder cannot fix when going out.  On the other hand I do like the fact that the lid has a sample of the lipstick in a clear pot, perfect idea for when stored away … makes it easy to reach out for it.
Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick is available online here for just £1 (pretty amazing right).

Have you tried any of the Atomic or any other lipsticks from Makeup Revolution? I’d love to hear your thoughts so let me know in the comment section.

Until next time,


Disclaimer : This post is my own personal opinion, I bought all the products myself and I am not affiliated with the company.

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