Intro | Malta Fashion Week and Awards 2015

Hey there my lovely dolls,

MaltaFashionWeek-2015It’s finally here, just a few days away, the 5th edition of the Mercedes Benz Malta Fashion Week. Seeing how Malta is a tight and small community most of the Bloggers have the Designers, the Models, the Photographers and the Organisers on their friend list. So needless, to say from the news feed on Facebook everybody involved is running on adrenaline right now and from the hype on the media plus the fact that all events are fully booked, it is pretty much safe to say that this year’s edition is going to be one to be remembered and dare I say the best we have seen so far.

I am surely one to fall under the pretty excited tag awaiting the much anticipated runway shows starting with innovative designs of the new designers line-up to Caroline Hili’s mind-blowing designs to Ritienne Zammit’s patriotic vision to the Awards night itself were we will get to see all the designers on one stage and find out who will be the winner of each nominated category. Obviously the Fashion Blogger award is close to my heart as I am a big fan of the four nominees. I wish they all can win as they all run a unique blog but the winner can only be one.

It all starts Saturday 9th May, I am gonna try my best to attend most of the shows, trying to juggle, my family and work and I truly hope I will manage. Will you be there? Most of Malta seems to ☺

Until next time,



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