Event Post #4 | MFW 2015 | Caroline Hili

Hey there my lovely dolls,

We all love mid-week right, but this week’s Wednesday brought along the runway show that admittedly I was anticipating.  After all,  taking into consideration last year’s hype (which was truly deserved, might I add) I made it a must that this year I would not miss the show – and OMG was it a show to remember! From the stunning location to the sound to the lights – everything was spot on.  If you cannot tell, yes I am still in awe of what I saw last night.

In a nutshell the S/S 2016 collection by Caroline Hili is BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL.  I loved every single piece from the first to the very last.  Truth be told, even though some of dresses are very revealing and cannot see myself pulling them, there are the ones that I would love love love to put my hand on.

There are not enough words to describe how talented Caroline Hili is and in fact, the photos I took do not do any justice to the designs she created.  What is for sure though is the fact that she envisages her women to be very sexy, empowering, sophisticated and beautiful.

FB_IMG_1431596468539 FB_IMG_1431596452739 FB_IMG_1431596438803 FB_IMG_1431596433468

Photo credit to Duminku Attard (view all other photos here)

FB_IMG_1431599234312 FB_IMG_1431599258090

Photo credit to Antonella Vella (view all other photos here)

So thank you Caroline for giving us the pleasure to see your vision – we truly relate!

“My designs convey my dreams,
they are an expression of my current state of mind,
my thoughts, my desires and anxieties.
As fearless and free as me!

I consider designing dresses a form of art,
an extension of the imagination,
same as painting a picture or
capturing a particular “instant or emotion through a lens or on film.”

Until next time,


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