Tips and Tricks #4 | Dealing/styling Curly Hair

f0c015213f100cafe7b5cd75504f187bHey there my lovely dolls,

One of the main problems that tends to drive us and our hair crazy, is of course Summer and the humidity levels that come with the scorching hot weather.  Humidity start creeping up as early as May and on those high level humid days one may notice your hair is feeling poofy and kinda frizzy … 2 seconds after you just finish GHDing it!!!

If like me your hair grows wavy or curly chances are it tends to be more frizzy than hair that grows out straight. Hair is primarily determined by the shape of the follicles that the hair grows out of.  Follicles also determine the condition of your hair, for instance the longer your hair is, the more damaged it is likely to be, reason being long hair would have experienced a lot of brushing, combing and definately heat and styling damage, which leads to split ends and broken hairs.

Once the hair breaks, the shorter stub that remains tends to spring outward uncontrollably. Hence, those frizzy pieces that stick out mid-way down your mane and drive you crazy!

As mentioned above, humidity it a curly girl hair worst nightmare.  It affects your hair two ways – it can actually make fine, curly hair poof up and make smooth, straight hair frizz out (needless to say, it will make already frizzy hair look even frizzier … exactly you just can’t win!) So, why does this happen? Well, the inside of your hair, also known as the Cortex, is actually made of two kinds of protein (the Orthocortex and the Paracortex). When it’s humid, these areas absorb water differently so they don’t swell the same. One part may absorb a lot of moisture and swell a lot, while the other stays relatively unchanged. This uneven swelling causes the hair shaft to bend or twist to one side or the other resulting in frizzy hair! Ugh!

In my case I cannot deal much with frizzy untamable hair.  Drives me up the wall. So when all else fails, in comes your professional hairdresser and the Brazilian Keratin treatment.  The said treatment helps to straighten, smooth hair. Over the  past year these treatments have reached major popularity . These Brazilian keratin treatments truly defrizz and smooth many textures of hair from curly to relaxed.

The first thing that pops in mind for these keratin hair treatments is “miracle”, and I applaud it for making my blow drying and straightening days much more easier. Although in the initial stages of the treatment’s released reviews where not all positive, mostly because many of the brands on the market contain or initially contained formaldehyde.  However, said product has now evolved so much,  so much so that it does not have a strong chemical smell like it used to, this said chemical is used to make the process work. To get shiny, straight hair for months, formaldehyde (or similar) must be used. Rest assured that there is no risk of being harmed by the treatments.

Bottom line, get professional advise, the choice is yours when it comes to deciding if these treatments are right for you.   However, if you still skeptical on this treatment there are other things you can try that I hope will help to tame your hair.


1. Define your curl
With the wide array of styling products available, there are plenty of options to help enhance your wave or curl and also fight the frizz.  Products like gels, mousses and curl-enhancing creams should all contain the ingredient called polymers (usually listed as PVP Copolymer on the label). This particular ingredient coats the hair and “locks” your curl or wave into place. Polymers can also help fight humidity to some degree (though not completely).  Always make sure that you are styling your hair with products suitable for your hair type example if your hair is fine and wavy then mousse is your best bet since it does not weigh your hair down.  On the other hand if you have coarse and curly hair, then a gel or cream would be best for you.

2.  Minimize damage – Condition, condition, condition
Be sure to use a conditioner on your ends to keep them smooth and help them “lay” down instead of sticking out.  Curly hair is naturally more dry than straight hair, which means it is in need of serious moisture renewal every day. Conditioning shouldn’t stop when you step out of the shower!  Invest in a leave-in conditioner to put in your damp hair.  I personally am in love with Paul Mitchell’s “The Conditioner” – I buy it in bulk and it usually is the only product I need to use to tame my hair on most days.

24f0087ada42b407d4fd892f758b5b44Keep in mind only comb your hair in the shower otherwise if you comb your curls when they’re dry, it’ll mess up their natural way of falling, causing a lot of frizz.

3. Visit your hairdresser
The only way to permanently remove split ends is to cut your hair. Regular trims are a great way to keep hair healthy looking. If your hair is really damaged, you may want to try wearing a shorter hair style to help reduce frizz.

4. Use silicone based products
Especially once containing dimethicone since it is a great way to lock out humidity and keep hair looking smooth and frizz-free!

5. Moroccan Argan Oil
Moroccan Argan Oil not only deeply conditions, but also restores and strengthens your hair while infusing strands with various vitamins and antioxidants.

Of course, blow dryers and flat irons can help you fight the battle of the frizz. Just be sure to be suing the right products as in the long term everything can damage your hair, which lead to breakage, split ends and ultimately more frizz (aint’s it just an awesome kind of a vicious circle!).

Until next time,


Disclaimer : Most of the  information and pictures were gathered via various online sources including Wicipedia.

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