Shoe problems… Sorted #2 | Wide feet

Wide feetHey there my lovely dolls,

For the 2nd instalment from the series of ‘Foot problems’ I am discussing  wide feet.

Of course if you have wide feet you already know what it feels like, because you feel severe tightness throughout the day if your shoes aren’t right for you. Just like people with narrow feet, one needs to be careful of their shoe widths, if you fall under the wide-feet gals, you should also get in the habit of finding shoes that are offered in both wide and medium widths.

I would recommend that for the summer try and look for softer, leather sandals with adjustable straps since that will help in letting your foot breathe. A tip for shoe-shopping is try on styles at the end of the day since your feet would have swelled a little bit during to day.  It can be life-changing to find the perfect brand that works perfect with your feet.

So if when trying on shoes it feels a tad tight, you can try to break in your shoes, opt to get them stretched professionally in order to give your foot more room. Of course do avoid stretching shoes made from materials like lace, nylon, and plastic because they won’t really stretch, but chances are you will damage the shoe.  Also, a flat shoe will be more successful than a pump since you can’t stretch the length, you can only stretch the width.

Espadrille SneakerASOS JOEY Flat Form Lace Ups

Other styles that people with wide feet should also try anything that slips like espadrilles, sporty sandals, sneakers, and skate shoes.

Sporty sandal

DKNY Active Beverly Scuba Mesh Sporty Flat Sandal (available at ASOS)

Another thing to keep in mind, truthfully an absolute key, is definitely the softness of the shoes especially if generally you have a hard time breaking in shoes for your wider feet.  Try looking for flexible soles like as before mentioned espadrilles. The softer the foot bedding the happier your feet will be.

wide feet espadrilles

New Look Wide Fit Major Glitter Flatform Espadrille Shoes

So there you have it my lovelies, the second issue of the shoe problems.  Hope you enjoyed reading or at the very least found it interesting and useful.

On the next instalment : Cuts on Heels

Until next time,


Disclaimer : Images Credit – Google Images, New Look, DYNY (at ASOS) and ASOS

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