Shoe problems… Sorted #3 | Cuts On Heels

Cut on heelsHey there my lovely dolls,

I am back …. yea I know I keep saying that all the time, it’s just lately it has been exceptionally hard to juggle every day life and my baby blog.

Anyways let’s get right to it and as it clearly says in the title today I am discussing the 3rd installment of the ‘Shoe problems series’.

Issue #3 : Cuts on Heels

I am sure that we all had that one (or five) awesome shoe and at the exact moment you wear it you realize your heels are bleeding, because your shoes are ill-fitting. It’s frustrating and defeating, and despite how much you love the shoes,  if they’re creating cuts on your feet you’ve gotta get rid of them.

Cuts on heels are mostly likely caused by shoes that are either too wide or long in the front, causing your feet to back slip. It is important to try and keep in mind that if the fit isn’t great to begin with, cut heels will strike any kind of foot, both narrow and wide.

When the shoes start rubbing and scratching, this is caused by the shoes being too small or too big.  Studies show that shoes that do not fit properly cause misalignment in your back and can contribute to additional problems.  If for nothing the above is a good enough reason to wear shoes that properly fit!

Now in the case that you already got heels that are badly suffering, try avoiding closed shoes and instead go for a backless mule to let your heels relax. Try buying shoes with very soft, high-quality leather.  Did anyone say suede?


 ASOS FLICK Leather Sliders

Try and put your feet in shoes that fit just right, and even though these trends tend to be flexible with mules being easy to slip, and as hard and unfashionable it might be I tend to understand why some people also find clog-like, wooden soles to be so comfortable.

Carvela Beetle Jewel Cross Strap Slide Sandals

Carvela Beetle Jewel Cross Strap Slide Sandals

If sliders and mules are not your cup of tea,  you can try to put a bit of padding around the heels and balls of your feet to prevent rubbing. Having your heel placed differently can help a lot.  The trick is to figure out the sweet spot of how your foot fits inside, you may want to experiment with a criss-cross style if you’ve got more height.

Another style you might be interested in trying are mules with a platform sole will probably be the most comfortable style you can wear because it gives you height while keeping your foot as flat as possible.

ASOS HOMEBOUND Leather 70s Mules

ASOS HOMEBOUND Leather 70s Mules

So there you have it, the 3rd instalment of shoe problems, I will be the first to admit that these shoes may not be fancy let alone sexy and uber cool, but when you think that some of these #uglyshoes might give you an extra couple of feet years I am all in for it.

Hope you enjoyed this third installment, let me know what you guys this think … always love receiving feedback :).

On the next instalment : Blisters Everywhere

Until next time,


Disclaimer : Image Credit – Google Images and ASOS

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  1. Love the flick leather sliders! I can definitely relate to the ‘ill-fitting shoes syndrome’. So frustrating, for my money and feet!

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