The Dupes Chronicles #5 | MUR Iconic Pro 1 vs. Lorac Pro

collageHello there my lovely followers,

Today I am back with a post from the Dupes series and as per last post it features a Makeup Revolution eye shadows palette namely the Iconic Pro 1.

Earlier this year exactly in May (if I am not mistaken) Makeup Revolution pulled this dupe out of their bag. So I wanted to share my thoughts about this palette with you my lovely readers since it was what made my third MUR order happen. I personally do not own the Lorac Pro Palette so cannot really do a comparison but from the pictures I saw I can totally see the very close resemblance.

The MUR palette comes in a cardboard box which has the name on the front written in rose gold, together with a sticker on the right hand that shows how the palette looks on the inside. The actual palette has a matte black lid with name of the palette, whilst the base is of shiny black material and has a sticker with the name of the palette written on it. Packaging is plastic but it feels quite sturdy and doesn’t look cheap at all.  I was quite pleased to see how slim the palette is, as being so slim, make palette look really chic.  As per all MUR palettes it comes with a click-close lid.

The inside has a full size mirror which makes it great for travelling! On top of the shadows there is a transparent plastic cover which bear the name of each shade.   As per other palettes, I would be much happier if the shade names are written at the back of the packaging instead, since I always end up loosing the plastic covers.  In this palette there is a really good brush, quote “PRO 1989 Double-ended Eye shadow Brush” to be of good quality.  I like using it mostly use for blending from one side whilst the flat brush side I found it perfect for lining underneath your eyes and packing the shadows.

There are a total of 16 shades in the range of Matte and Shimmer.

MUR Iconic Pro 1 - Top rowTop Row are the Matte shadows and swatches are from Bottom to Top.

Ghost: A matte white shade with a hint of sparkle;
Luna: A cream/ off-white matte shade with a pink undertone;
Must: A matte light brown shade;
Enigma: A matte baby pink shade;
Fade: A matte taupe shade;
Drama: A matte medium brown shade (another perfect shade for the crease);
Afflicted: A matte dark brown shade; and
Pitch: A matte black shade

MUR Iconic Pro 1 - Bottom rowBottom Row are the Shimmer shadows and swatches are from Bottom to Top.

Need: A shimmery off-white/cream shade;
Dawn: A shimmery light pink shade;
Getter: A shimmery gold shade;
Breathe: A shimmery rose gold shade;
Too Grey: A shimmery taupe shade;
Stage: A shimmery deep red shade;
Addicted: A shimmery dark purple shade; and
Player: A shimmery grey shade.

As you can imagine this has fast become my current favorite palette with shades like Luna which I find perfect for the brow bone, Must as an all over the lid shade, Drama your ideal crease/transition shade followed by Breathe for the inner corner of the eyes. Et voila’ !!!

Sadly on the downside the only shade that did not cut it for me is Pitch as it is not the blackest black which I came to expect since it does not have the great pigmentation the other 15 shades have.  However for the retail price for STG6.99 the quality you get does not disappointed; highly pigmented, creamy and all shades apply and blend beautifully.

So interested in this MUR palette …. then go check it out here and maybe you end up picking up something more than just the palette – just like I did 😀

So that’s it from today Dupes Series …. hope you guys enjoyed it – let me know!!  I really do enjoy writing these dupes and look forward to next one – I am hope for the UD Naked Smoky dupe (hint hint!).

Until next time,


Disclaimer : This post is my own personal opinion, I bought all the products myself and I am not affiliated with the company.

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