Shoe problems… Sorted #4 | Blisters Everywhere

BlistersHey there my lovely followers,

Yay the Shoe problems …. Sorted, is back and today I bring you the 4th instalment of this series. So let’s get right to it and as clearly stated in the title today I am discussing ….

Issue #4 : Blisters Everywhere

This one I must admit hits home and it is by far the worst side of wearing the wrong footwear, and that is the horrid blisters which are so gross, super painful and unfortunately no matter what you do, they always seem to come up.  Usually this is the sign of shoes being too tight meaning that there is too much rubbing going on.

The only way to combat this problem is to break in a pair of shoes the old-fashioned way. Mum always used to tell to fill in a tight shoe with damp newspapers and that would loosen up the material, however today you can buy a bottle of shoe-stretch spray or liquid – that can be easily found on ebay!

If opting for the old fashioned, way do not to be afraid to wear the shoes when a little wet, as this will help with the break-in process .  Once your foot starts to perspire, the inside of the shoe collects all that heat to help soften and break in the shoe to mold to your feet.  On the other hand if you keep getting blisters, opt to keep things loose. Let your feet flatten out like a pancake if it’s on the wider side. Opt for flat, open-toed sandals that will allow for plenty of wiggling room.  Sling backs with adjustable straps are also key to widening the shoe as needed.

I would suggest to avoid synthetic materials as they are not always comfortable and highly suggest to invest in shoes made from leather or suede.  Given time to leather and it will soften up.

ASOS MARIYA Sling Back Lace up Leather Shoes

MARIYA Sling Back Lace up Leather Shoes
available at ASOS


Vagabond Emma White Perforated Heeled Sandals

Vagabond Emma White Perforated Heeled Sandals
available at ASOS

From my personal experience when buying new shoe, it somehow never fails that it’s a tad too tight so on that first day I wear my brand new shoes, I place band-aids anywhere I think my feet might rub especially at the back of my heels and around my big toe.   A simple flat with a sling back is the kind of shoe you might want to wear to give your feet a break from blisters. The back strap will hold the foot in place, but your toes won’t feel jammed with an open-toed sandal.

So there you have it, the 4th installment of shoe problems, as per previous post shoes may not be fancy etc., etc., but if you think that some of these #uglyshoes might always give you an extra couple of feet years I am all in for it.

Hope you enjoyed this fourth installment, let me know what you guys this think … always love receiving feedback :).

On the next instalment : Wobbly Heels

Until next time,


Disclaimer : Image Credit – Google Images and ASOS

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