Are Fashion Rules still applicable?

FASHION-RULES-FEATURE-1-700x466Hey there my lovely followers,

I am pretty much sure, that most of you remember, when there were so many do’s and don’ts when it came to fashion. Those unbreakable rules and regulations when it came to wearing certain items with this or that or what not to wear or what is age appropriate. Entire seasons of the fashion police were alive and strong back in the days and if memory serves me well, we took it seriously.

Fashion rules since then have relaxed and wearing fashion has become about the individual rather than the social norm. Now what we wear and how we wear it, is totally our call, to define who we are.  Designers might dictate the trends but we are the interpreters and the translators of this exotic language.  Needless to say, if clothes are what you wear, style is how you put it together!

baddie_winkleI mean people just take a look at the 87-year-old Instagram sensation Baddie Winkle (love her), who is famous because she doesn’t dress her age – choosing to outfit herself in a marijuana-emblazoned, rainbow-colored, midriff-exposing outside over cardigans – she got all my support there.  And people … haters will always hate, so use Winkle’s words and tell them, ‘You dress the way you want to. I’ll dress the way I want to. We have different opinions, and isn’t that nice?’

long hair over 40Long Hair
If memory serves me right, do you remember the one about long hair being only suitable for the under 40’s? And I thank goodness that has changed!! That rule would be well and truly broken on my part! And I wouldn’t be the only one just look at the most gorgeous women in the world, above the age of 40, they all don below shoulder length hair!

denim-on-denim-printDenim on Denim
Oh my am I glad to break this rule.  The denim on denim is such an easy and cool look and there is something about the manly carpenter look that makes it all the more sexier and when paired with animal print, bam the whole look hits the roof with sexiness! At least for me!

white-outfits-pinterest-tumblr-for-ladies-party-night-out-summer-club-7318No White
Another favourite of mine, has to be the no white rule, no white at weddings, unless you are the bride.  White shoes were a BIG no NO, unless we are talking tennis shoes!!!  Although the white at a wedding, still is rule for me, I think it is permissible to wear white anywhere, anytime and that means to weddings too because very often the bride chooses another colour for her gown!


Matching bags and shoes
I must admit the matching bags and shoes rule was never one I followed.  I hated the idea of … if they don’t match it would be a catastrophe of the highest order!!! I can’t remember when I have worried about that one! I love pairing my bags or shoes with the outfit I am wearing rather that with each other!

mixing metallic jewelleryMixing the metallic
To be totally honest with you, I am unsure about this one. It seems I have a problem to merge the gold with the silver and the bronze when it comes to clothes, however as for jewellery, somehow mixing the metals is an easier combination for me!


OMG all the rules have been broken here. I clearly remember the ‘you have to wear one item of leather material rule’ it had to be a belt, a bag or shoes only.  Even worse, men and only a certain style of men wore a leather jacket but not anymore cause now leather is the item for ALL. Sigh of relief right there!

collages_2012_Ugg___131621692Ugly Shoes
This has to be the one RULE most talked about evah! From Uggs to Birkens the fashion industry always puts the period in what to wear and no matter what, I tend to wear what I feel like especially when it comes to comfy shoes, so ugly or not I like and I am going to wear them!

So my lovely followers, any thoughts of fashion rules, do you abide or you love breaking them?

Until next time,


Disclaimer : Images Credit – Google Images.

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