Shoe problems… Sorted #5 | Wobbly Heels

wobbly feetHey there my lovely followers,

Yay the Shoe problems …. Sorted … is back (again sorry for the delay!) and today I bring you the 5th installment and maybe the last of this series (see further down to know why). So let’s get right to it and as clearly stated in the title today I am discussing ….

Issue #5: Wobbly Heels

You might be asking how do you know if you have wobbly feet, well the answer is quite simple really, if every time you wear heels, you feel like you could be easily falling off , it might be the right time to rethink the kind of heels you’re wearing.  This happens because your feet and your shoes are not working with each other or even the possibility that the shoes are not right for your feet.

As much as I know that you must love stilettos, again you might want to think of the long term damage you might be causing to your feet. The best alternative is to go for chunky, shorter heels or maybe a platform.  All of these styles will help in stabilizing your feet.

Sometimes people wear away the rubber lift on the bottom of their heels based on how they walk. When that happens it’s a good idea to take your shoes to the shoemaker to prevent wobbling and also to prevent the material of your shoes from being scraped off the heel.

Shoes with a t-strap adjustable buckle are extremely good to keep your feet secured, especially if you are going for height.tbar wide heel


Black T-Bar Strap Glitter Heels
available at New Look

A shoe that never goes out of style in my opinion is a wedged heel. An easy silhouette to add height and comfort.


Wedged Ankle Boots
available at ASOS

A strong, mid-heel provides a nice foundation, and tie-up laces are essential if you need to tighten or loosen up your shoes throughout the day (or night).

Mid heel

HUSKY Lace Up Heeled Sandals
available at ASOS

So there you have it, the 5th instalment of shoe problems, this time around the shoes are not that bad but again think long term benefits and don’t look at these shoes as ugly.

Hope you enjoyed this fifth installment, let me know what you guys this think … always love receiving feedback :).

On the next instalment : I am trying to find a comment I got from a reader asking me to discuss an issue but to date cannot seem to find it … will upload it when I hopefully find the comments.  Otherwise this will be the last installment of the series.

Until next time,


Disclaimer : Image Credit – Google Images and ASOS

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