Product Review #13 | MUR Iconic Smokey Palette

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It is no secret that I love love love my eye shadow palettes especially my Makeup Revolution ones, and if by now you do not know who Makeup Revolution are well you have been living under a rock (lol) but you can read all about them here if you wish.

Anyways back to this post, and as per any other makeup fan we all have that special brand that we wish to own something from and in my case it’s Urban Decay and ever since the latter release their Smoky palette I have been eyeing it but obviously it was not in my budget.

In come MUR to save the day as they really do great dupes. So when a few weeks ago they released their Iconic Smokey palette at the very affordable price of £6 it took me a whole 1 second to add it to my basket! I own the Iconic Pro palette (a dupe for Lorac Pro palette) and the I heart Chocolate palette (a dupe for the Too Faced Chocolate Bar) and I absolutely love both of these palettes, so I had high hopes for the Smokey palette!

As per MUR Pro series palettes the packaging is very sleek. The palette is black, thin, glossy black and branded with the ever expensive-looking rose-gold writing. Like the Iconic Pro, the palette is thin enough to fit into a makeup bag as well as a drawer of any makeup organizer.  The mirror on the inside is large covering the entire one side of the palette.  Indeed very handy to use on the go or using it as a close up mirror for applying eye makeup. The eye shadows are laid out in a similar way to the standard UD palettes, making it east for one to follow any tutorials on this palette. As per the Iconic palette they come with a professional brush that I have talked about here so I won’t repeat myself again.

Now onto the shades, this palette as the name intends is perfect for the smokey eye look.  Infact, there are a mixture of browns and purple/grey tones which are perfect for creating either a daytime or night-time smokey eye. The majority of the shades are shimmery but there are some matte colours available, so there should be plenty of choice to suit most needs.

As per the above mentioned two palette, pigmentation is great, the shadows look on the eyelids as they do in the palette and there is very little fallout (just make sure to tap any excess powder off your brush before you apply it). Staying power is good, lasting pretty much all day, regardless of whether I remember to wear eyelid primer or not. I must admit since reviewing my first ever MUR palette here, their products have improved very much making this drugstore brand the best ever when it comes to palettes.

shades with name

Light – Shimmery, pale rose gold colour which is great to use all over the lids for a pretty, day-time look
Glow – A pale gold shimmer, great for over the lid or as a base colour for a bronzed/brown smokey eye
Stained – A shimmery mid-brown which is perfect with Glow to build up a bronzed eye
Erupt – Another shimmery dark brown with grey undertones, ideal to finish off a brown smokey eye.  Also perfect to use with the other shades in the middle of the palette for that grey smokey eye
Silvery – A shimmery vivid grey with silver undertones suitable for over the lid. Perfect with Smoke and Shadow to create a grey smokey eye
Smoke – A shimmery dark grey 
Shadow – A very dark shimmery grey shadow
Haze – A beautiful dark and shimmery purple with grey undertones 
Steam – A matte dirty grey 
Rubble – A matte mid-dark brown which I found goes well on top of Steam to create a matte smokey look
Flicker – A matte pinky-nude good as a base or as a highlight for the brow bone/inner corner of the eye
Exhale – The lightest shade in the palette, a matte pale nude which works best as a highlighter 

20151229_084153 20151229_084212 20151229_084237

So all in all with this palette you can achieve quite a number of looks being one to be pretty versatile, so be it a daytime brown smokey look or a full on grey-black smokey eye for night-time, you got it covered.

As per all MUR palettes I own, I just love this palette. Definitely another firm favourite in my makeup collection =)

What are your thoughts on this palette? I would especially love to hear from who owns the original Urban Decay one?

Until next time


Disclaimer : This post is my own personal opinion, I bought the product myself and I am not affiliated with the company



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