I’m Trending #11 | The Casual-Cool Style

Hey there my lovely followers,

As per my last trending post that you can read here, I have been noticing that I have been inkling towards the Casual-Cool trend obviously besides my work-wear wardrobe.

I know for a fact, that when dressing up it’s always a battle between comfort and style? But, then again, who says that you have to sacrifice your sense of fashion, to dress casual cool!

By Definition Casual cool means : Someone whose is cool because they don’t care, they’re just so chill all the time. 

I wish to explain what this trend is all about but like any other fashion trend it’s all about your own perception and how to make it yours.

Sooooo because I have no words to express the love for this new style I got to go searching crazy on Pinterest and found some looks that I TOTALLY LOVE for inspiration and I really do hope you enjoy scrolling through them.

Casual cool 1 casual cool 2 casual cool 3 casual cool 4 casual cool 5 casual cool 6 casual cool 7 casual cool 8 casual cool 9 Casual cool 10 casual cool 11 casual cool 12 casual cool 13

Until next time


Disclaimer : Images Credit – Pinterest.

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