Event Post #5 | Make-Up Store Club Evening Event


Hey there my lovely followers,

One of this year resolution for my blog, I promised myself that as much as my hectic life permits I would try my very best to attend events that I get invited to or hear of. So here goes my first event for 2016 with a hope for many more to follow.

I came across a post on Facebook by the Makeup Store Malta situated locally at The Point Shopping Mall, in Tigne, Sliema for bloggers and vloggers for the brand first Club Evening Event and the time was very convenient for me as I could just pop by after work.


Bloggers of the night – L to R – Abigail Cauchi,
Marija DebattistaLara Azzopardi, Stefy Pugliesch,
Me and Thereseanne Sammut
(Picture by Stefy Pugliesch)

To be honest it was the first time for me setting foot in the store.  I knew of the shop but never really stepped in.  As soon as we got there we were greeted by the very bubbly Karl Zammit Nash and his lovely team and he was immediately explaining the brand to us, which products originate from Sweden and are available in over 20 countries worldwide. Having a quick look around and the products you can easily deduct that the company provides high quality cosmetic products at affordable prices.


Gift packages @ Makeup Store
(Picture by Makeup Store)

I started browsing through the store, Karl was talking to other fellow bloggers and it was easy to see how passionate he is about his job 🙂

I must admit that the cosmetic range available is quite vast including an array of bright and neutral colors, and they also offer skincare and nail polish products.  Their makeup line is easy to see and browse through as all is available to see in free standing, all matt black shelves.


Yummy food and Proscecco


 Vast choice of lipsticks and lip liners


Amazing pigmented blushes and cute packing


Makeup Store latest look

Unfortunately their website is currently under construction and it could be due to the fact that Makeup Store are currently upgrading and changing all their packaging.  In fact Karl pointed that to us that the brand are changing from round to square packing in silver and rose gold snake engraved casing and black outer boxes, making the range look very lush and more expensive.

As much as my hands were itching to grap a number of products that I fell in love with, I behaved myself and only got this gorgeous lip liner, however, that just leaves me planning my next trip to the shop and grap the items I would like to add to my collection.


The cutest package evah!!!


Lip liner in Neutral that has the creamiest consistency with a matt finish (<3) 


So thanks Karl and Makeup Store Malta for being such a lovely host and look forward in seeing you soon 🙂

Until next time,


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