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Hey there my lovely followers,

If by now you haven’t  noticed, lately I feel I am more inclined in searching for makeup other than clothes mainly because I have clothes that are still tagged and brand new! So as my far as my OCD goes I have a list of all the sites I am subscribed to and a screenshot of all the shopping carts and wish lists accordingly! Just to make sure I do not miss out on anything ha!

So for this year, because flowers and chocolate are a tad over rated (not really but hey), and because my better half randomly asked me if I wanted a Makeup palette for Valentine’s (bless) I decided to compile a list of my current top faves, in no particular order … well except maybe for the ABH items as I have been wishing them and the MUJI drawers as I have some powders stored randomly in a plastic container and would REALLY like them organised! #ocdmuch.  So let’s get listing 🙂

Zoeva Palette in Cocoa Blend – Available from the Zoeva Site and retails at Eur26.50 including postage

Fresh from my Christmas wish list, needless to repeat myself, but I am still in awe of the warm tones of this palette.


ABH Contour Kit (in Light to Medium) and Dip brow Pomade (in Medium Brown) – Available from Beautylish and together retail at USD58 (with free postage to Malta over USD50)

Still lusting over the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit and a recent addition is dip brow on which I heard sooo many nice things and I dying to test them out.


ABH Contour kit

ABH Dipbrow

Sedona 14 piece Brush set – Available from Aliexpress and retails at Eur15 (with free shipping)

Since you can never ever evah have too many brushes here is a set that I have been eyeing for a while now.



Random makeup from Freedom Makeup – Available from Freedom totaling together £26 including shipping

I have been going in and out of this site for month now adding stuff and the item in my current basket are all things I would like to addto my collection.

Freedom wishlist#2 Freedom wishlist

Muji Acrylic Box – 5 DrawersAvailable from Muji and shipped via Send on totaling together Eur40 including shipping

I am in the process of organising my vanity and since I have a thing for clear acrylic it cannot get better than Muji.

Muji drawersSo that sums up my Valentine wishlist, let me know if any of you out there are with me in these choices or you have your own wish list – and yes do share as I would love to hear about them 🙂

Until next time,


Disclaimer : Pictures from relative sites

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