Favorites #1 | January

AllproductsHey there my lovely followers,

So I have decided to start a new topic up in here – obviously monthly favorites, hopefully I will have items to share every month (lol).  Will see how that pans out!  I understand there is no a specific amount of items for these monthly favorites so here goes my first one.

I gathered this months items and do let me know what you all think or otherwise – you know I always love hearing from YOU xoxo.

So let’s get down to business and here is a selection of my most used/favourite products for the past month!

Flormar Mat Velvet
If you haven’t read my first impression post on this foundation (you can do so here).  I have been using this foundation non stop ever since I got, so much so I will have to go and get a back-up as I don’t want to end up without it.  It’s a very nice textured foundation, super coverage – at least for my liking and feels very light weight.

Flormar VelMat

Nivea for Men aftershave balm
I mean Nikkie Tutorials got people all over Instagram and Youtube hooked on this stuff and well if you get so many people using it, it got to be good right! I love this balm (primer in our case).  It’s creamy like consistence glides nicely on the face, and you need to keep on applying it until it feel like it’s sticking to your hands and then you know that once foundation is applied it does not budge.   The smell is a bit of a no no but thankfully it does not linger.  Love it.


MUR Salted Caramel
Just like the original I heart Chocolate Palette which I reviewed here this one is just as beautiful, colour wise amazing not to mention pigmentation which is brilliant.  On a plus it smells absolutely delicious.  Makeup Revolution truly never disappoint.

MUR salted caramel

Makeup Store lip liner
Freshly purchased from my first visit to the Makeup Store Malta this has to be the lip liner I keep grabbing every day.  The colour is absolutely gorgeous, consistency very creamy and it just glides on your lips and stay put all day long and I just love that it MATT.  Surely a repurchase on my next trip to the shop.

mus lipliner

V05 Dry Shampoo
My latest addition in the dry shampoo family I just love this one.  I use this product once a week and it just the job nicely.  It smells nice too and it does not leave a thick layer of white powder which is great.

Dry shampoo

Malizia White Musk shower bath
I have been trying all the colour from this range (I believe there are four in all) and as they say I seem to have saved the best for last as this is by far the nicest of them all.  I love it, simply to say that an everyday shower turns out into a botanical experience.


So there you have it, that’s it for my first evah favourite post.  Let me know if I should continue the series or otherwise (please be nice xoxo).

Until next time,


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