I’m Trending #12 | The Prairie Trend

Hey there my lovelies,

Well seeing as winter seems to have left this little rock of ours a loooonnnggg time ago (which is pretty much upsetting for me) might as well start embracing the upcoming Spring trend.

Well for spring 2016 we are heading towards great plains of cute floral dresses and very pretty blouses with a twist, add some snake-print, fierce lace-up shoes, together with tough-girl layers of denim or leather, complete with fringe details and you have got the Prairie style down path.

You might or might not remember “Little House on the Prairie” with them charming, patchwork printed dress that had all the little girls (and the big ones alike) swooning over. Their dresses were often perfected with a smudge of dirt and a pair of lace-up boots, which inevitably lend them a tomboyish air despite their undeniable femininity. Well, these romantic silhouettes were remade anew, touched up with just enough oomph to make them look 2016 compatability, complemented with just that right touch of sheer to make the whole Prairie look feel effortlessly sexy.

After a season where Victorian style ruled the runways, this new American prairie style might be hard to get used to however, before you dismiss it as dated or old-fashioned, check out these spring 2016 fashion trend off Pinterest for some inspiration and you might have to think twice.

I must say I am not a big fan of the look but having said that I had to think twice especially after checking out ASOS, I got my eyes set of a couple of items 🙂

ASOS Frill Detail Contrast Tie Blouse

ASOS Frill Detail Contrast Tie Blouse

ASOS Midi Dess in Paisley Print

ASOS Midi Dress In Paisley Print

ASOS off Shoulder with Cotton Lace Trim

ASOS Off Shoulder Top with Cotton Lace Trim

Kiss the Shy Printed Smock Dress with Open Back

Kiss The Sky Printed Smock Dress with Open Back

Liquor and Poker Dungarees with Deep South Embroidery

Liquor & Poker Dungarees With Deep South Embroidery

Never thought I would say this but I am kinda looking forward for Spring hopefully we get to enjoy the season more than we did with Winter!

Until next time,


Image Disclaimer : ASOS website

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