First impression #4 | Flormar Double Radiance Primer and Reborn Fusion Power Foundation Serum

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome to my second post from the Flormar first impression reviews. So let’s get started shall we.


Double Radiance Highlighter* (Retails at Eur12.95)

Flormar’s Double Radiance Highlighter was another product I was ecstatic to try out.  As you might (or might not) I tend to levitate more in using silicone based or creamy products as a primer, but this particular product stole my attention firstly because of it’s colour and secondly for it’s double effects. You can use it as face primer or as highlighter. Available in a single tone (Champagne) it also comes with SPF10 protection factor.



The formula is a very liquidly and feels buttery to the touch.  It’s main purpose is said to soften and rejuvenate the skin, resulting in a perfect and flawless complexion.   It contains extracts of vegetable origin to preserve the youth of the skin and helps to restore its original elasticity. It also, includes the extracts of algae that moisturises and stimulates collagen and elastin, reaffirming and toning the skin.  Not bad for a primer right!



As I said this product can be used in two different ways, if you looking into achieving a healthy and glowy/dewy skin, for a quick application, without using foundation, you can apply a few pumps directly on your damp sponge and tap it all over your face. However, since product is a primer it does not give full coverage, but it can easily be mixed in with your foundation and applied with a stippling brush or a damp sponge.


I have been using this product as a face primer for the past month. I apply it all over my face, wait for five minutes to make sure it sinks into my face and then apply my foundation and the results is very satisfying and long lasting.  Another way it can be used is as a highlighter.  If you use it on your highest points on your face it gives out a really nice glow. But do be careful of the amount you pump out!

With regard to packaging product comes in 30ml clear plastic bottle that allows you to see how much product is left. It has sturdy plastic silver pump type dispenser which is comfortable, practical and allows you to control how much product to pump.

Reborn Fusion Power Foundation Serum in Light Ivory* (Retails at Eur14.50)

So up next is the foundation I have been using with the above mentioned primer…. dare I say a match made in makeup heaven.  I must admit that I have been reading and hearing lots of good things on serum foundations.



So you can imagine, the minute Kim introduced me to this foundation I was excited to try it out. As a foundation it has a very nice texture, might feel a bit runny for some obviously because of the serum and come with an a SPF 20.


The Fusion Power Foundation Serum is a soft fluid foundation that instantly smoothes and rejuvenates skin and stays perfectly flawless over time. Infused with a vegetable-derived extract to preserve skin youthness, helps the skin recover its youthful resilience. Algae extract helps to hydrate and stimulate collagen and elastin to firm and tone the skin.

With regards to packaging, it looks very high-end with a silver box and a matt glass bottle and silver writing.  Bottle comes with a dropper which makes the dosage of the foundation easier since as I said foundation is runny because of the serum.



The foundation feels very nice on the skin and very lightweight, however as you can imagine it is not full coverage. Having said that I must say that by using the above primer the coverage is very nice and medium coverage.

I usually place a few drops directly on my damp sponge and it was enough to cover my entire face which left me with a nice flawless coverage, might I add that this foundation and the illuminating primer are in my opinion a perfect combo that lasts an entire day. And bonus, even though both products contain SPF they photograph really beautifully!

I do recommend these products to anyone in the market for a very natural, hydrating and glowy healthy look.  On my end I will definitely consider a re-purchase.

Until next time,








*Both products are PR items

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Flormar Malta.  I was asked to choose the items, for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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