Meeting with Caroline Abela

Hey there lovelies,

Check out my first interview ever 🙂


Comino Magazine - Influencers

Full name: Caroline Abela
Date of Birth: 23 June 1975
How did you first discover blogging and how do you nurture your blogging skills?
I have always been passionate about discovering new blogs and reading through them. To date, I still follow most of these local and international blogs. At a certain point in time, it became obvious that bloggers were on the increase, as many people were suddenly sharing their sites and posts via the ever so popular social platforms. It became clear that blogging had finally acquired the well-deserved title of a mainstream medium.
The idea of becoming a blogger myself was something that always intrigued me – not as a job per se, but as a means of sharing thoughts about the things that I am passionate about, which are mainly fashion and beauty.
Since I was young I’ve always been interested…

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