Collab Post #3 | My Hollywood style inspiration

Hey there my lovelies,

As you might know (or not) I am a movie buff at heart, and if you love fashion like I do, you know that the first two months of the year are always crammed with the best red carpet styles out there with the most coveted of them all – The Oscars – bringing to an end this fabulous time of year.

Between me and you I secretly imagine myself walking down on one of these red carpets and for this year I got the chance to do that – well at least virtually 😀  For this post, I am introducing you to The Black Tux and in this post I will be creating my ideal looks for a red carpet event to match their amazing suits and tuxedos.  But before I get started here’s some information on the company.

Founded in 2013 by Andrew Blackmon and Patrick Coyne, longtime friends who, while preparing for Andrew’s wedding in 2011, saw an opportunity to offer men an alternative to traditional tuxedo and suit rental outlets. After their experience renting for Andrew’s wedding, they decided to explore different ways to improve the tuxedo rental process.

Andrew’s groomsmen had a typical tuxedo rental experience. A trip to the tux shop to get fitted, another trip to pick it up on the big day, and then a third trip to return the tux. At one point Patrick and Andrew asked themselves, how could this experience be easier and more enjoyable? They decided to start a company that would give people a better option for renting a tux.

We only partner with top suiting manufacturers to ensure the best quality and fit. Our tuxedos and suits are the quality equivalent of a $1200+ garment in a retail store. We use 100% merino wool on our suiting, 100% cotton for our shirting, and real leather for our shoes. Stay tuned, we’ve only just begun!

I have gone through the site so many times and I totally fell in love with the array of styles available and suitable for everyone and for all occasions.  So if you are in the market to own and/or hire a tux do check out what The Black Tux have to offer and see for yourself what they can offer.  I am pretty sure you will find what your are looking for.

Honestly speaking I thought it was going to be difficult for me to match these amazing suit rentals with an evening look but then I started creating them and it all came so natural and easy.  The trick was to imagine what I would choose to attend a red carpet event to match these fabulous pieces … so without more chit chat I hope you enjoy the looks I have created.

 Look1 Look2 Look3 Look4 Look5 Look6 Look7

I loved every minute of the creation of these collages and I have my hear set on the Velvet style. Maybe who know one day I get to walk a red carpet 🙂

Any favorites? Love to hear them.

Until next time


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